Yukihime Emi


10th Vongola Wind Guardian Maiden




13 - 14 (Present) 24 (Future)



Date of Birth

June 4 (Gemini)


Vongola Famiglia


Vongola Decimo & Guardians Team Reborn (Former) Allied Team (Former)


Artemis (Rod) Sylph's Rapier

Box Animal

Zero (Wolf)


Wind Cloud

Yukihime Emi - 10th Wind Guardian with a tragic past that have yet to revealed. She is known as The 'Maiden' in Namimori School. 

2966325 orig

Emi when she was little.

Apperences - She have a white hair and sharp gold eyes with normal skin tone and skinny body. She used to have a black hair but it is unknown why she changed it. It was said by Reborn, she inherits her look from her mother. When she wore her Ankle of the Wind Version X, her looks changes, she haves a curly brown hair like when she was little and innocent gold eyes that still looks the same as her original self. 
Asuna yuuki vector by futurediary-d5cp2vw

Emi's outfits when she activate her Ankle of the Wind Version X

Personality - When she was little, she used to be a cheerful and bubbly girl that doesn't cared about the world. However something happened that made her changed into a emotionless girl. Once you get to know her, you'll know that she is just hiding her true self so she won't get hurt anymore and is just a shy and timid girl deep down. It was said by Reborn is that she doesn't know that much about relationship and is dense at it (shown when a boy gave his chocolate box to her and she gave it to Kyoko thinking it's for her.) and also she have a bad sense of direction.

History - Nothing is known in her past since she never talks about it but Dino states that she used to be in Zaphias which is known for their rich money and parties. While Reborn states that Emi is popular for her royalty skills that none can succeed; that only Zaphias have.

Weapons and Abilities

Nobody knows what her fighting style is however she is very intelligent and strong fighter which is shown when she fought Koyuki, she founded out that she managed to control her using the String Blade that Koyuki made and also she managed to escape the grasp of Efreet,which is one of her spirit, who have abandoned her.


  • Artemis: It was given to Emi by her big sister who disappear in her. At first, there is nothing special about it until it was shown to have chains inside and also a blade that seem to poke out when she put Artemis into a smalller version.
  • Zero: Emi's Box Weapon is a wind wolf named Zero. It was stated by Emi that she doesn't want to put italian names therefore only put a simple name 'Zero'. It is capable of becoming a Cerberus when combine with Gamma's box weapon,Elettro Volpi, and is quite strong. It can also become an Eagle when combine with Roll, Hibari's Box Animal, though it is unknown how it can change into a Eagle. 
  • Cambio Forma: Sylph's Rapier: When activated, Zero combined with a rapier. It may seem like a normal rapier at first however is quite powerful and have a Cradle Heart power which is quite rare. 
    Asuna lembent light by cyclesofshadows-d5nhxnn

    Sylph's Rapier

  • Ankle of the Wind Version X: An upgrade version of the Vongola ring combined with Zero however with a change in her outfits.


[Sawada Tsunayoshi - At first she doesn't really care about him however due to Reborn, she now confront him and is now in the Vongola Famiglia in order to see if Tsunayoshi is worthy of being the tenth. But as those days past, She now thinks Tsunayoshi as a best friend and comrades to have. 

[Gokudera Hayato] - At first their relationship doesn't go off a good start however during the Moutain Death episode there was proof of how Emi's a good guardian, Gokudera now recognized Emi as a good comrades to have and they've gone closer. 

[Yamamoto Takeshi] - They are already friends before Reborn needs to introduce both of them. When they are still children, they met each other when Yamamoto went to get a baseball. Due to Emi's occupation they couldn't hang out that much which is why they didn't recognized each other in first sight. But when they did, they tried doing everything together but brush that away when they don't need to do it anymore. 

[Chrome Dokuro] - When they first met, they seem to hit off meaning they already became friends without realizing it. Emi cared about Chrome alot and doesn't like it when she let Mukuro control her. They became best friends when Reborn stated how Emi saved Chrome when she needed help. Despite hating Mukuro, she still wanted Chrome to have happiness and let her be. 

[Hibari Kyoya] - They both don't really know each other well however when Emi encounter Hibari in the smoke, he started fighting her which Emi doesn't know why. But because of that, they started hanging out and in process it showed Emi is in love with Hibari but is still unsured. As the episodes went ahead, they are now couple.

[Mukuro Rokudo] - Emi despise Mukuro and hated him for his personality and for him controlling Chrome. But however admired him for his fighting skills and is one of the strongest one that reach to her level. She now thought that Mukuro is not bad but still hate him.

Sasagawa Ryohei - She doesn't mind Ryohei but thinks of him as a big brother due to him been overprotective with Kyoko. Even so, when Ryohei ask her to join the boxing club she refused but gave up joining in so she could practice on her combat skills.


She isn't good at combat styles because when she tried to hit Tsunayoshi even he could catch it.

She admit that she is afraid of Hibari but would hide it immediately but somewhat she isn't afraid of Mukuro or his illusions. 

It was stated how she hates ocean but it is unknown why but now she doesn't cared about the ocean seeing how relax it is.

In Haru Haru Interview: Dangerous, Emi said her favorite food is all type of meats however hates fishes and also that she crossdress before but was forced to crossdress.