Yatokami Silvergod
The 1st boss of the Ryuno Famiglia.
Title God
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth 15 Sept
Famiglia Ryuno Famiglia
Partner Leon Bladecall, Basho Nagazaki
Team Boss and Guardians
Weapon 10 Swords: 2 Katanas, 1 long sword, 1 Rapier, 4 Short swords, Ryuzenken, the artifact of the dragon god and Talonflame, the precious and rare sword used by the Silvergod family.
Weapon Novalancier (cannon)
Box Animal Chimeras (Land, Sea & Sky) & The Strongest Demi-god, Kamiryu (Dragon)
Flame God flame
Blood Type G

The First Boss of the Ryuno Famiglia.

Basic InfoEdit

Yatokami Silvergod is a student from Blue Flare Academy. He is a protagonist of the Kami no Battlefield 5C series.

General Information:

Name: Yatokami Silvergod

Gender: Male

Famiglia: Ryuno family

Race: Half-God, 1/4 Chronomancer, 1/6 Divine Chimera, 1/12 vampire

Date of Birth: October 14

Height: 177.8cm

Blood type: G

Eyes: Right eye purple, Left eye is red

Hair Colour: Platinum Brown


Kami no Battlefield 5C -Ultimaphantasm- (Main)

Kami no Battlefield 5C S2 -Gears of Continuum- (camo)

Kami no Battlefield 5C S3 -Origins of Darkness- (camo)

Kami no Battlefield 5C 10th anniversary movie -Transcendent of space and time- (Main) (Set to appear)

Family Members:

Chronax Silvergod (Father)

Asuki Silvergoddess (Mother)

Maria Slivergoddess (Twin sister)

Likes: Anime, Facebook, Seeing someone he hate get tortured, Magikarp, Minecraft, League of Legends, Milo

Dislikes: Quietness, First person shooter, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Attention Seekers, Engrish Pro, Swagfags, People hashtagging on Facebook, Humans

Seiyuu: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Voice actor: Morgan Freeman


Silvergod has platinum hair swept in all directions and purple and red eyes. He wears the standard Blue Flare Academy uniform; a white blazer with a grey lining going down the sleeves and black shirt with a black belt that had a large silver buckle. He always keeps a piece of black diamond given to him by his father dangling around his neck on a string.


Yatokami is a cheerful and hyperactive character that enjoy challenges. Despite that, he is nonchalant most of the time and grows aggressive quickly. Although he is a hyperactive character, he is serious when having a Sword-fight. He is built up mostly on pride.


His weapon of choice is the Talonflame, a weapon that was made for awesomeness. His weapon allows him to do things impossible even to the beings in the first realm.


Silvergod is the most powerful individuals in the world of Kami no Battlefield 5C. He possesses incredible fighting skills enough to take down the gifteds in entire the world in 5 minutes (he spend the first four on the internet). Originally being a Chronomancer, Silvergod has incredible time manipulation powers. Not only is he a Chronomancer, he is also a singularity point which is superior than double or multiple points allowing him to manipulate time without a limit and avoid paradoxes.

He can easily control the government in every intelligent planet as he ended world hunger, cured cancer and developed the universal system. He posses the eye of god with six paths 1. Data. Allows him to see the bird view of the area and the data of everything in sight.

2. Reversal. Absorbs enemy non-physical attacks to heal himself.

3. Dragon's Skull. Destroy everything in sight.

4. Birth. Create anything.

5. Ragnorak Blade. Make and break illusions.

6. Blood of beast tamer. Control his ability to transform into a beast.

He also posses the Demi-gods and uses rings to summon them. He gave away them to what happened to be the guardians of the Ryuno Famiglia, keeping the strongest of them all, Kamiryu. Kamiryu takes on the the form of a small feathered dragon when summoned and uses his real form a combination of a western and eastern dragon in combat.

Beside those here’s a list of his abilities:

- Psychokinesis

- Levitation

- Teleportation

- Astral projection

- Superhuman Strength, Stamina, Agility, Mentality

- High Intelligence

- Control of Magic

- Rapid Regenerative Ability

- High Endurance

- Soul Control

- Reality Warping

- Pyrokinesis

- Power augmentation

- Power mimicry/absorption

- Power bestowal

- Power negation

- Animal mimicry

- Biological manipulation

- Echolocation

- Healing factor

- Invisibility

- Invulnerability

- Kinetic absorption

- Pheromone manipulation

- Reactive adaptation/evolution

- Vortex breath

- Night / X-ray / Heat / Telescopic / Freeze vision

- Ecological empathy

- Omni-linguism

- Omniscience

- Cross-dimensional awareness

- Technopathy

- Astral trapping

- Psionic blast

- Shadow manipulation

- Density control

- Gravity manipulation

- Elemental transmutation

- Probability manipulation

- Energy constructs

- Electrical transportation

- Summoning

- Portal creation

- Dimensional travel

- Omnipresence

- Cosmic energy control

- Precognition

- Psychic weapons

Vampire Form

- All of normal form abilities

- Animal morphing

- Sublimation

- Sonic repulsion field

- Energy conversion

- Mediumship

- Life energy manipulation

Divine Chimera Form

- All of normal form abilities

- Radiation manipulation

- Divine manipulation

- Microwave manipulation

- Light manipulation

- Intangibility or phasing

- Animation

- Possession

- Superhuman tracking

- Wallcrawling

- Waterbreathing

- Acid generation


Tsuna Awakens

Kaichou wa Maid Sama: Main Theme

A tale of six trillion years and one night

About HimEdit

The whole universe was in a hot dense singularity and there was only a single being, god. He created the Big-Bang and let the universe grow. More deities started appearing and the mount Olympus became a heaven like place where deities live. God had two sons [Insert name here] and Satan. One day A high angel, wanted to assassinate [insert name here] so he could become the next god. Satan went dip-shit and turned the high angel into carnage.

Satan was then banished to hell for killing a high angel. He became the ruler of demons. A high commander of hell Lucifer, and extremely strong otaku, was devastated when he heard it as he was becoming the ruler before Satan came. The deity of possessed and fused with Lucifer and became know as Armageddon Ragnarok. He killed Satan and fused with him and went to kill [insert name here] but [insert name here] sacrificed himself to kill Armageddon. As legend goes the ruler of heaven and hell must find a guardian to stay inside but as Satan was fused with Armageddon, Lucifer must also do that.

Meanwhile on a planet called Chronos, Chronos's saviour, Chronax Silvergod (He has a manga created by me and  YY) 's wife was pregnant. Their child was so OP that he was the only being able to host God, Satan and Lucifer. The Child was born ,he was called Yatokami Silvergod, and had a twin sister, Maria. His twin sister died when she was three. The planet Chronos was destroyed when Yatokami Silvergod was five and he was sent to the planet, Terra on the last and emperor of the divine chimera, Argon.

As he reach Terra, Argon was about to die. Argon gave the last of its power to Yatokami Silvergod. Yatokami Silvergod wandered around time in Terra and stayed there. 

Armageddon had awaken and possessed Yatokami and had a killing/destroying spree. Major building were destroyed and shit. One of those buildings were a research factory that experiment on people to mass produce mechs. There were apparently many building around the globe, such as one to create weapons or to supply electricity. Gerald was the one in charge of the electricity. He captured Leon then Kevin tries to save herbut in the end also gets caught to supply even more electricity, but soon kevin becomes yandere and shit then bails out, killing anyone he sees. then they escaped back to america and trained to get stronger

Yatokami then travelled around the world and meet Leon and Kevin at an airport. Although he didn't do shit. He meet Hiroki, Rurai, Ryan, blah blah blah and made the Ryuno Famiglia because he can

The end