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Xingke Yan
(厳 星刻, Gen Shinkū)
Title Greatest Swordsman in the World (世界最強の剣士, Sekai Saikyō no Kenshi)
Gender Male
Age 25 (Present)
35 (Future)
Status Alive
Date of Birth August 7th
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Loyalty Timoteo
Partner Iemitsu Sawada
Lal Mirch
Seven Holy Swords
Varia (former)
Weapon Skyrim and Skyfall
Box Animal Felix, Puss and Scar
Flame Sky
Blood Type AB
Height 189 cm (6'2½")
Weight 77 kg (170 lbs.)
Family Xianglin Yan (Stepsister)
Kōujo Yan (Stepbrother)
Felicity Dunleavy (Lover)
Felicity Dunleavy's Child (Child)

Xingke Yan (厳 星刻, Gen Shinkū) is a famous hitman and the second-in-command of CEDEF, a secret intelligence organisation independent from the Vongola Famiglia. He is renowned far and wide amongst the mafia as the Greatest Swordsman in the World (世界最強の剣士, Sekai Saikyō no Kenshi) for his extraordinary talents and skill with the blade. Xingke was also formerly a prominent member of the Varia under the former Sword Emperor, Tyr, and had served, during the height of his career, as the leader of its elite fighting force — the Seven Holy Swords.


Xingke is a tall, slender and mild-featured man with fair skin and a lean built. He sports green eyes and long brown spiky hair, which frame both sides of his face. He is also noted to possess a youthful appearance fitting for his age. Xingke's attire generally consists of a black suit with matching shoes, a white dress shirt and a crimson red tie.

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  • Fencing:
  • Heavenly Wing Slash (天羽々斬, Ame no Habakiri):
  • Tail Feathers of Heaven (天の尾羽張, Ame no Ohabari):