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Vongola Dodicesimo and his GuardiansEdit


Vongola Sky Boss
Role: Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Lightning, he influences all of them. Unlike the rest and former Vongola Bosses, his role is to be the Sky that will overpower anyone else.


Vongola Storm Guardian
Role: Continuously at the heart of the Attack, the furious Storm that never rests.

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Vongola Rain Guardian
Role: Squaring the accounts and washing away the blood spilled, the Requiem Rain.

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Vongola Sun Guardian
Role: Destroying the misfortune that attacks the Family with their own body, they become the Sun that brightly shines upon an area.

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Vongola Cloud Guardian
Role: To be the aloof, drifting Clouds that protect the Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind.

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Vongola Lightning Guardian
Role: He must not only take the Lightning, but also the damage of the Family, like a Lightning Rod.

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Vongola Mist Guardian
Role: Creating something from nothing, and nothing from something; thus bewildering the enemy, to render the Family's true form intangible with deceit.