"Who knew that it only took thirteen kids to take over a city?" ~Will Weir

Ever since the 1970s, when the local factories and mills began to close, the city of Jacksonburgh, Pennsylvania, had falling into decay. The streets were filled with crime, the politicians were corrupt, and the police were incapable of stopping it. The influx of dangerous gangs had accelerated the downfall of the city and, with no one able to end the violence, the end of a once-proud city seemed inevitable.

Then, one day, a group of vigilantes appeared in Jacksonburgh. Led by Manuel Pastinha, whose brother was killed in a gang fight, this specialized group has, each for their own reasons, chosen to fight for the city's salvation. But as they and their influence on the city begins to grow, more and more powerful enemies step forward to destroy everything they have worked for. These vigilantes, operating under codenames based on the zodiac, fought in a never-ending war to wipe the city clean of its decadence. In time, they would become one of the most powerful gangs in the entire country.