Tomomi Gokudera

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Kanji Name獄寺 共実
Romaji NameGokudera Tomomi
Other Names
  • Bomber's Sister
  • Momi
  • Tomo(-chan)
  • Kouhai
  • 12 (Beginning)
  • 13 (Present)
  • Vongola Famiglia
  • Lavina (Mother)
  • Hayato Gokudera (Older Brother)
  • Bianchi (Older Half-Sister)
  • Bianchi's Father (Father)

Character Outline

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Tomomi as a child

Tomomi Gokudera
(獄寺 共実, Gokudera Tomomi) was born in Italy and is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Japanese. Throughout her life, she had been living up to the sole purpose of being the good little sister her household.

Despite her clueless and innocent image, Tomomi excels in her school work excluding athletics and oral speaking. She bases her opinions on how good it would affect the people around the decision or uses deep logic. As she did with her own "theory" on love, at a young age. It is believed that she was tutored by her brother, who was assumed to have multiple private tutors when they were young, since they were brought up in a rich household.


The story have not progressed to far to know more about her. During the prologue, when Hayato ran away, he took Tomomi with him and they lived alone together in an apartment in Italy.

In one of the latest chapters, during Bianchi's fight with M.M., she was able to form a deep understanding about "love" even just as a child.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Tomomi was first shown with Tsuna as they met with Reborn. 

Kokuyo Arc

During the early events of the arc, Tomomi was said to be asleep for 3 (almost 4) days before they met with Fuuta. At the same time, Hajime had returned as a human, automatically having the responsibility for the girl's safety.

During the Kokuyo Gang's Attacks, Tomomi was hunted by Ken who labeled her Rank 2.5. Tomomi,being herself, avoided the fight and ended up in Kokuyo Land with Ken.


Hayato Gokudera

Being the bomber's younger sister, she's probably the closest person to him. Because of their promise, she has bound herself for the sole purpose to follow her brother and not go against his wishes.


At some times, it is revealed that the two were close during their childhood before Tomomi and Hayato ran away. They had the simple yet strong Older-younger sister relationship, despite Bianchi being the Poison Scorpion.

Tsuna"yoshi" Sawada

During the beginning of the story, it is clearly portrayed that these had a quick acceptance to one another. Throughout Tomomi's move, Tsuna had always been with her. During the Kokuyo Arc, Tsuna had panicked when he had saw Tomomi being held hostage by Birds. More anxiously as he did to Kyoko and Haru,which brings up the topic that Tsuna might love Tomomi more than Kyoko.

Takeshi Yamamoto

Tomomi first event with him was during Tsuna and Mochida's fight. A close bond friendship of "Senior" and "Junior" exists within these two as they continue training in the baseball club.


Reborn first addressed Tomomi as "Another one of the race", secretly hinting that she was indeed more than just another family member in Tsuna's Famiglia. Reborn takes responsibility for her safety, as he monitors every action she does.

Kyoya Hibari

Despite being the scary prefect of Namimori, Tomomi was unfazed at him and befriended him as if it was nothing. She soon joined the Disciplinary Committee and the other members grew a liking to her.

Kyomi Hibari

She's Hibari's missing sister. Kyomi's memories are being shown to Tomomi through Namimori and Hibari. Because of Tomomi's ability to see the memories of a certain object or person, she had pledged to herself that she would help Hibari find his younger sister.