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Terra Kozato

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Title Shimon Ventesimo
Gender Male
  • 16
  • 21 (Timeskip)
Status Alive
Date of Birth August 27
Famiglia Simon Famiglia
Team Shimon Ventesimo & Guardians
Flame Earth

Eighth Element

Blood Type O
Fanon Debut Vongola Family 11th Generation

Character OutlineEdit

Born centuries from the current time, he was orginally the Shimon Ventesimo, And friends at the time, with the Younger Vongola Ventesimo, Iesato Sawada, they grew up together from the time of them being small children. One day, while sleeping he was kidnapped by a corrupted Vindice Guard, and tested on against his will, Sending him into the present time, and also giving him the power to use the Eight Element Flame.


Once a person has got to know him, he is nice person, that is willing to help without saying anything else. But he is Vengeful, and will try to get back at people for fighting him, he has a sadness he has not shared with anyone, that sadness is the fact that he no longer is able to Contact the 20th Generation Shimon or Vongola.


Deep, red eyes, with the Symbol of Shimon in them. He wear's a clothing style that is slightly Future Militarylistic.


Abilities & WeaponsEdit

  • XIII Swords: 13 Swords that Terra uses with his control over Gravity & portals.
  • Shimon Gauntles: Terra uses his own custom made Gautlets made from 20th Generation Technolongy.
  • Control over the Eight Element: Terra has mastery over the Eight Elemnt, allowing him to implement it into is fighting stle

With his Earth Flame of Gravity, Terra is able to create spheres of Gravity with gravity equal to that of a star

  • Super Gravita Black Hole: By increasing the Gravity of his Gravity Sphere he can cause them to collapse in on themselves and create a black hole. These produce much more gravity than the aforementioned spheres.
  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This occurs when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or has ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will Mode removes internal limiters instead of the external ones, thus releasing one's hidden awareness.
  • Shimon Ring: Terra uses the ring to comunicate with the Will's of previous Shimon bosses


Nagi Spade: Great (x10) Grandmother

  • Ryuu Kozato: Great(x10) Grandfather
  • Angelo Kozato: Great (x9) Grandfather
  • Various other Shimon Bosses