Spettro Ladra is an infamous world thief and the Cloud Guardian of the Forza Family. His mafia ring is the Forza Cloud Ring and his main box weapon is the Forza Cloud Jackelope.


Little unknown to his past. He is the most notorious thief of the world. Having stole some of the most priceless treasures. He is also a famous gambler, winning great fortunes with no stain of loss and fail. His vast amount of luck ables him to escape various capture attempts. He meet Signore Aquila, a master hitman. He challenge him to a 1 on 1 fight, but he loses. Signore offer him to join his family become one of his guardian. He accept the offer and became the Forza Cloud Guardian.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Spettro is a very strong thief and can defeat his opponents with cunning and stead fast attacks.

Canna Famosa(Famous Cane): He wields a type of shikomizue with a gold sphere on the bottom handle and a golden lining slightly thicker separating the scabbard and the handle as a tsuba. The sphere can generate bubbles made of cloud flames and the blade can emit cloud flames that can extend its length for wide arc of attacks.

Bolla Nuvola(Cloud Bubbles):The sphere of Spettro's cane can generate bubbles made of cloud flames that can explode when contact or commanded. Because of the flames, the bubbles can use its propagation abilities to multiply into massive numbers and enlarge its size. The bubbles can be controlled by user and can emit other flames by using other flame rings via a slot located at the top of the sphere. Thus, able to create different effects on the bubble.

  • When using storm flames, anything that engulfed by the bubbles will corrode and degenerate with it.
  • In rain flames, weakens any object or person inside the bubble or where the bubble sticks to.
  • lightning flames gives the bubbles the ability to generate electricity and hardens its surface, thus using as a defence
  • sun flames ables to heal or repair anything within the bubbles.

Forza Cloud Jackelope:Spettro's box weapon thats summons a rabbit with three horns in triangular formation and a tail that emits cloud flames.His name is Jump, his personality is very happy and likes fun and excitement. Because of the dying will flames, he can create multiple of himself at great numbers or enlarge its size. He can jump at high speed and agility at different directions, which can confused its opponents on where it lands. Each of its horns can create an explosive force equivalent to a bomb, which can deal fatal damage to anyone in contact. With his high speed jump, he can ricochet his with simultaneous attacks while confusing its target. At sheer number, it defeat massive number of opponents. He can also turn into a ball and roll towards the enemy, by enlarging himself, he can crush many opponents. He can also jump and roll while in a ball form, causing its speed to increase as well its explosive power because of the rolling effect.