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Kanji Name カラス
Romaji Name Karasu
Gender Male
  • 18 (Beginning)
  • 19 (Later)
Team Pandora
Weapons Chains
Height 182 cm (5'11ft)
Family None


Skye has black hair with sky blue eyes. It was said by Melody that he has kind eyes that have a hint of saddness in them. He wears an all black outfit. Black pants, black shirt and a black leather jacket. When at school he'll wear a third year uniform.


Skye a cold and reserved exterior but despite this, he is still caring and kind. He is Melody's servant and is completely loyal to her. He has numerous times, expressed and shown his commitment to her. 

He can be harsh at times; especially towards Aqua , likely due to her conection with Melody. He hates it and becomes furious when Melody withholds information pertaining to her health and other infomation. 

is a very protective person - he has risked his life for Melody and has saved Aqua from danger several.

Skye hides his own feelings for Phoenix. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Chains: He wraps chains around the enemy; stangling them.