Sistema C.A.I. V2 (lit. System Change Arms Instantaneous or Instantaneous Arms Change System in Italian’’): ''An improved version of Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I. Juan improved it by removing the restriction of the opening corresponding attributes and It can utilize all 7 Sky Flames and combining them to form different attack. However the Sistema C.A.I. V2 is composed of the 7 rings needed to unleash the 7 Flames.



Juan's Flare Ring- These 7 flare desiged Rings are core components of the Sistema C.A.I. The flare from each rings has a different color depending on the Attribute of the Rings.


  • Scudo della Drago- The shield is made from the same material in the Dying Will Bullet. Alone the shield is useless but Juan considered it as a extension of his Sistema C.A.I V2 wherein the shield can channel the Flames and use in defensively or offensively. The shield turns into a ring if not in use.
  • Varano Cielo (Drake) : Juan's Animal is a Sky Monitor Lizard. Varano Cielo has the capabilities of all reptiles like shedding its skin, change his skin , etc.

Abilities Edit

Single (w/o Cambio Forma)Edit

  • Iluminato: (Name of the Flame): The combined ablity of the Sistema C.A.I. V2 and the Scudo della Drago to illuminate any Flames on the shield against his allies or enemies depending on the Flame.
    • Storm- It will rip through the skins and armor of anyone being touch by the rao of storm flames. It will also extinguish the flames for 5 seconds
    • Rain- It will slow the movements of anyone and it can release the tensions inside the body mentally and physically. It can also weakens any incoming attack.
    • Sun- It has a healing factor to anyone that touched the ray of the sun flames
    • Mist- It create harmless to his enemies. Mostly of Juan use this to create Mirror Images to confuse his enemies
  • Cappotto:(Name of the Flame): Another combination that will coat the Scudo della Drago with the said flames mostly for defensive purposes.
    • Lightning- Increase the durability of the Scudo della Drago.It strong enough to withstand Ryohei's Maximum Cannon and Tsuna's X-Burner
    • Cloud- Either change the size of the shield or multiply the Scudo della Drago to wide its range of protection.
  • Getto:(Name of the Flame): The Scudo della Drago will release a beam fo flame capable. Juan use this most of the time as a offensive option.
    • Storm - Same as Illuminato : Storm but more powerful because the flames are focused on a power beam of flames
    • Rain - jets a orb of Rain Flames and gradually icrease its size and anyone trap inside the sphere will have their movements slowed expect for Sun flame users
    • Sun - shoots out a beam of Sun flame t heal his comrade but rather it will send his own flames rather so the user will be weaken if used frequently. Any incoming flames tries to stop the tranfers will lose its focus and will go wild because of the Activation attribute of the Sun flames.
    • Lightning- Release the beam of the Lightning flame that can penetrate the armor of his enemies.

With Lucertola GauntletsEdit

Flame Alchemy: Prime- the ability with the help of Lucertola Gauntlets to fuse 2 flames with the help of his Sky flames to create new offensive and defensive abilities. Bt he hs wait for 15mins to create another combination of flames.

  • Rain- Lightining:God's Hand - A powerful defensive ability that coats the Scudo della Drago with Rain and Lightining Flames. These flames will shape as a gigantic hand that can stopany incoming attacks with the combination of the Tranquility ang Hardening attributes of the flame.
  • Storm-Mist: Burning Ash- It invovles a burst of Mist Flames to create a smokescreen and with the combination of the Disintegration Ability of the Storm Flame, anyone within the smoke will inflict great damage to the body slowly ripping the skin apart.
  • Sun-Storm: Virus- Coating the Lucertola Gauntlets with Sun and Storm Flames, This ability will yet Juan insert micro-sized Storm Flames in the body and with the help of the Activation ability of the Sun flame. The destructive power of the Storm flame will increase and can crush the target bones in to dust. But can only use this ability in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Mist-Sun: Copycat- Juan will create an illusion of himself and if the clone are being attack, then the clone will burst that can heavily damage any attacker. It attack power is similar to the Maxumun Burst of Ryohei
  • Rain-Mist: Sweet Scent- Creating a powerful mist with the mixture of rain flames that can make any target a calm sensation and will it will deactivate all 5 sense of the target. Increasing the rain flames will make the target's body numb.
  • Cloud- Lightining: Great Wall:Coating the Scudo della Drago that will create a giant wall of shield with the Propagation ability of the cloud plus strengthening the shield with the Hardening ability of the Lightining Flames.
  • Sun-Rain: Theraphy- A powerful healing abilitiy that combine the Activation and Tranquility ability of the Flames the calm the mind and body.
  • Cloud-Sun:Superman- The cloud flames will propagate the muscle cells of Juan giving him a superhuman (and willnot increase his body mass) and the Sun flames will grant him regeneration and inhuman speed