Shinsuke Masamoto
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Shinsuke masamoto


  • 1st Generation D-gang leader







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  • Mare Ring
  • Sky chains



Character Outline Edit

Shinsuke is the leader of the  D-group. When first introduced he appears as a dangerous and deadly indiviual.He made this gang to oppose the mafia the mafias cruel treatment of him and his family when he was younger made him vengeful. As the an anti mafia man his first taarget would obveosly be the shooting star of the mafia world. The Vongola Faimly. 


Shinsuke is a ruthless killer early on in the seires. ON the outside he looks like a cold man who is unapproachable. But on the inside he is acuttaly a warm hearted man. Due to years of having nothing he is able to make the best out of anything he gets. Shinsuke's friends are the most important thing to him. He is willing to take a beating without any sign of emotion showing but if any enemy harms his friend he go into a rage that is unstoppable. He shows little respect to anybody but himself and his gang. 

Apperance Edit

Shinsuke is a  male who is pretty good in height. He is 6'0 ft tall and has a fairly well muscle mass. His shirt is dark and there is silver lineing on it.he has red eyes that can possiblby see through your soul.His hair is red and messy. 

History Edit

When Shinsuke was 6 he saw his parents slaughtered by a wild mafia member. ON that day he thought he saw the eyes of the devil. Shinsuke was forced to move into a foster home after that. There was little food to eat, and the foster parents beat the kids everyday. At this day  he meet his right hand man Santaro Hashirama. One day at the house the foster parent MR. Smith came at the kkids with a burning switch he was going to beat each of them with it. But shinsuke decided to fight him. Shinsuke managed to kill him but that left all the children with no home                                                                                                        

Shinsuke and Santaro stayed on the streets for years fighting for their lives.As they did they learend about dying will flames.They saw the mafia as the big bullies who had everything but never shared. They began plotting to destroy the mafia system and capture the whole tri-ni-set. Shinsuke began gathering rings and box weapons. Shinsuke recruited 5 more memebers each of them with powerfull flames they all waited for war. 

Weapons and AbillitiesEdit

Shinsuke is a vicous fighter who shows no remorse on the battle field.With his powerful flames and crazy fast speed he is a very hard enemy to fight. Every person who has ever fought him is now in the cemetary  he can weild the Mare Ring with proficency.    


  • Sky Hawk: This is shinsukes box weapon. This animal can petrify you by using the sky flames harmony factor. This animal flys around the the battle field surveying the enemy and petrifying them. Shinsuke only uses this box weapon when he dosent fell like fighting.
  • 10 Rings: These are rings that shinsuke puts on all of his fingers and uses his flame to light them all. The power from all of these  rings being lighted at once allow him to fly.
  • Trench Coat: This trench coat is coated with lightning flames this trench coat  can only be used once every fight because the lightning flames will go away.  
  • Sky Mare Ring: With this ring on all of Shinsukes powers increase he  is able to use his powerful flames and shoot a powerful beam of pure sky flames at any opponent. PLus he is able to increase his box weapons power. 
  • Sky Chains: when these chains wrap around the target they burn them until they cant move anymore.
  • Sky Car: This car acts likea  box weapon he uses the ring to power it. On the outside it looks like a mustang with fire on it on th inside there are many diffrent box weapons that activate a diffrent feature of the car. Te cars headlights can petrify those who look directly at them.

Techniques Edit

  • Backburner: Sinsuke charges all his flame into his ring then he shoots the concentrated flame and the destructive power is enough to match tsunas x-burner.
  • Speed Destructor: Shinsuke uses all ten rings he has and flys to target and then he hits them with his sky chain.