The Ryuno is one of the smallest and newest but strongest Famiglia in existence. The Ryuno is unique in its Axis flame that only it can use.

Famiglia BackgroundEdit

The Ryuno came into being after Yatokami Silvergod, the Ryuno Primo, found six rings when he was walking in a park and being an KHR fan, he create a famiglia for fun. From then on, each generation of the Vongola Famiglia has donned formal attire when risking their lives to fulfill this duty. The Vongola originally started as a vigilante organization, but their ways gradually changed during Ryuno Quarto's reign, starting to turn towards violence and crime.

It was said that no Famiglia can match them in terms of power. At the moment, the Ryuno Famiglia is led by the Ryuno Primo.

 The GuardiansEdit

The Guardians are the chosen holders of the Ryuno Rings, and they are represented by the awesome stuff surrounding God: Electric, Time, Darkness, Light and Chaos. The Guardians are the current boss's main Famiglia members.

The First generation Ryuno boss and guardians

God Boss - Yatokami Silvergod

Time Guardian - Basho Nagazaki

Electric Guardian - Leon Bladecall

Light Guardian - Ryan Ainsworth 

Darkness Guardian - Siberon Caesar

Chaos Guardian - Hiroki Hazuto Omega Guardian - Freddson Skulls

The Boss of the Ryuno Family is known as Yatokami Silvergod ( やとかみ しlゔぇrごど,Yatokami Shiliverugod). He is the founder and the one who started the entire family. He is 19 year old boy, who likes to have fun. He is the comic relief type, and gets bored easily. He tends to get hyper-active. He has a short temper, and he is not the sporty type.

He was a normal boy living in a different dimension with residents called the 'Chronomancer', people who have the ability to control time. A few days after, a meteor hit his home planet, and his father, Chronax Silvergod, sent him to escape with Argon, a divine chimera. Upon arriving Earth, the chimera was half-dead and then it gave it's soul to Kamikuro, enabling the ability for him to transform into a beast. 

His birthday is on 15th September. His family members are; Chronax Silvergod ( Father ), Asuki Silvergoddess ( Mother ), and Kyorukami Maria Silvergoddess ( Twin sister ). 

He is super overpowered. He can block the force of 5 million Supernovas and 36 billion Nokias used in a Kamehameha by Chuck Norris with his finger. He makes 3 billion dollars a minute. Can manipulate Time at will. Has the ability to use spells of every element. He is and expert professional swordsman, Gracefully using sword techniques. He also has experience using guns. He has been trained as an expert Assassin. Can transform into a beast. Super smart: Finished PLSE when he was 5 months old, studied Teleology when he was 3 years old. Can Destroy Universes with a touch if he wants to (Attained from Satan). Can Attract everyone (Attained from Lucifer). Has Eye of God with 5 paths (Attained from god) :

1. Data. Allows him to see the bird view of the area and the data of everything in sight.

2. Reversal. Absorbs enemy non-physical attacks to heal himself.

3. Dragon's Skull. Destroy everything in sight.

4. Birth. Create anything.

5. Ragnorak Blade. Make and break illusions.

6. Blood of beast tamer. Control his ability to transform into a beast.

The Electric Guardian is known as Leon Bladecall. She is from the Bladecall Family, a wealthy and strong Family. She is a cheerful character, but she has her serious side. She does not smile that much, but she does. 

She is part vampire, part machine. Basically, she cannot die. But her machine part allows Leon to survive in conditions in which pure vampires cannot. Although she cannot die, she can be hurt. She is able to produce electricity from her own body, so this is a valid reason for her to take the position of the Electric Guardian. 

Her past was painful. She was a girl who was imprisoned and forced on experiments over and over again. Her brother, Volkner Bladecall, tried to free her, but he failed and became imprisoned as well. Due to the experiments, she had been changed into this... Inhuman state, but was still able to hold in the tremendous power forced into her. It was the same for her brother. In the end, they both managed to escape the prison and headed back to their home in New York. This also made them unable to age, being 15 and 18 forever. But they have this special choice, if they want to die or not. 

After a few months, they both have mastered the sword style exclusive to the Bladecall Family, the Accelerazione Style. They both have also befriended themselves eagles, that are completely loyal and trustworthy to them. Leon has a White Eagle, while Volkner has a Bald Eagle.

The Light Guardian is known as Ryan Ainsworth. She is a very joyful girl, at the age of 15. She is cousins with Leon.