Rensa Famiglia

Famiglia Name Rensa Famiglia

Kanji Title シモンファミリー

Literal Meaning Binding

Current Boss Matsuyama

Allied Families Vongola Famiglia Simon Famiglia

The Rensa Famiglia has long since been the one of most powerful Mafia Famiglia in all of Italy. Several other Famiglias serve under the Rensa umbrella, including several members of the infamous Arcobaleno. Even when there is internal strife, members of the Rensa stand united to repel attack from opposing Famiglia, living up to their title as the best and the strongest.

The Rensa came into being after Cozarto Simon and Giotto suggested to Luke, the Rensa Primo, to create a vigilante group in order to protect the people. From then on, each generation of the Rensa Famiglia has donned formal attire when risking their lives to fulfill this duty.

The influence of the Rensa is worldwide, and it was said that no Famiglia can match them in terms of size, tradition, rules, or power. At the moment, the Rensa Famiglia is led by the Rensa Nono, Matsuyama , but will soon be succeeded by the Rensa Decimo, Patrick Akuma.

The Rensa Famiglia

The Rensa is one of the, if not the, largest Famiglia in existence, having an extremely large following. The Rensa is unique in its structure in that it accepts other Famiglias to become a part of their power, and, as such, has other Famiglias beneath them.

Blood of Rensa

The Rensa Bosses are known for having the power to see through all, a trait passed down from Rensa Primo called Hyper Intuition. Rensa blood is said to be required in order for one to become a Boss candidate, meaning that only blood relatives of Luke are eligible for the position of Rensa boss and adopted members of the Famiglia are not accepted.

The Guardians

The Guardians are the chosen holders of the Rensa Rings, and they are represented by the 6 weather phenomena that paint the Nature : Nature, Sound, Poison, Space, Wood, and Metal. The Guardians are the current boss's main Famiglia members and they are considered the last line of defense for the Rensa. It is said that whenever the Famiglia runs into trouble, the Guardians would unite to protect them.

There have been 10 generations of Guardians thus far. Some of the known Guardian generations are:

The First Generation Boss and Guardians

The Second Generation Boss and Guardians

The Ninth Generation Boss and Guardians

The Tenth Generation Boss and Guardians

The Six Flames of Nature

Nature (Natura)

Color: Green Characteristic: Assimilare (同化しますchouwa lit. Assimilate) Japanese Translation: Shizen (自然) Ability: Assimilate Known User(s): Luke Rensa Paola Rensa Matsuyama Patrick Akuma

Appearance: The Nature Flame has a unique appearance, this being that the flame has ever oscillating dark green dots flowing throughout the flame, like leaves swaying in the wind. The flame itself takes the appearance of a green flame. The outer layer of this flame is green, and the middle layer is white.

Sound (Suono)

Color: Light Brown Characteristic: Amplificazione (増幅chouwa lit. Amplification)  Japanese Translation: Oto (音) Ability: Amplification Known User(s): Daisuke Ion Gray York Tai Chikayo Kai Akuma

Appearance: The Sound Flame takes the appearance of a light brown flame. Around the flame is it's most distinctive feature; it's rings. Around the flame are rings which are constantly produced by the flame which give off a "buzzing" sound. The rings themselves are of a silver-ish color.

Poison (Veleno)

Color: Orchid Characteristic: Disintossicazione (解毒chouwa lit. Detoxification) Japanese Translation: Doku (毒) Ability: Detoxification Known User(s): Pamela Ivy Sky Blue Kaila Bridge Lily Akuma

Appearance: The Poison Flame has an appearance of a brown flame with the core being darker than the rest of the flame. The flame itself being the most "liquid" like of them all due to its smoother, and more water like movements, in contrast to sharp and spiking flares.

Space (Spazio)

Color: White/Blue Characteristic: ( chouwa lit. ') Japanese Translation: Kūki (空気) Ability: Voids Known User(s): Roger Rock, Lucy Logan, Nancy Drew, Rose Taylor

Appearance: The Space Flame has a unique appearance, it is pitch black with a fire-like appearance and small white tods all over it resembling outer space and its stars.


Color: Cyan Characteristic: Territorio (領土chouwalit. Territory) Japanese Translation: Kankyō (環境) Ability: Territory Known User(s): Polk King Koji Rome Drake Sony Yuki Taylor

Appearance : The Wood Flame takes on the outward appearance of a dark cyan flame with a pure cyan core, giving it a beautiful appearance. The flame itself however seems to be the most stable looking of them all, giving off a firm, yet soft appearance.


Color: Grey Characteristic: Fortificante (固めchouwa lit. Fortifying) Japanese Translation: Tanso (炭素) Ability: Fortifying Known User(s): Rika Matamoros, Leone King, Sai August, Russell Green


Appearance: The Metal Flames take the shape and appearance of a very stable grey flame. The flame's very outer layer is a deep shade of black. The flame itself gives off an ever constant tiny shines, which look like tiny diamonds floating around the flame.