Pugno di cielo family.italin for sky fist.The family rings are similar to the varia rings.They boss was the one that recruit collenno into comsubin.They allied with Giotto's family once though they hated to do so.They were under oders of COMSUBIN but in a sqaud named corona reale,italian for royal crown,a special team of combat and high ranked mission's.One of there oders was to make Vendicare Prision.

Vongola Prison ArcEdit

They first apared has one of there members,Ganchi(a sword empeor,and strom gaurdian) lost to Sqaulo as he was defeating the sword empoer's.Ganchi was knocked out on the ground as Sqaulo spat on his head and said "you're pitful,weakest i ever met".it brought shame to the Pugno di cielo family but Ganchi never told the boss.Later after that,while tsuna and everyone beat the Kokuyo family secerity videos showed that it looked like Tsuna,Yamamoto,gokudera,and Bianchi killed high school students,when they did not.Then after Tsuna and his gaurdians got there rings,the Pugno di cielo family traveled to japan to arrest Tsuna and his gaurdians (execpt chorme) and bring them to the vendicare prision.When they tried to take lambo and Rhyohei Tsuna tried to tell them it was a missunder standing,but later on in the arc they found out the Pugno di cielo family wanted to battle against the vongola gaurdians.they then go to the prison and there they find Verde trying to find skilled and strong prisinors to work for him,Then verde see's tsuna and then he asked the head chief of the prison kimogaku (10th and current boss of the Pugno di cielo family) if tsuna can be exucated then kimogaku was silent for a second then "I'll think about it".It turns out kimogaku hates seeing young people die unless if they die in a fight,he wishes he was young again so he could do so much things again (thats why he likes youth).so the next day verde asked him again and he said no,but they can fight my family to the death.then verde says fine but make sure the boy dies.he infroms tsuna and his gaurdians are going to fight while he is talking there is mukuro (after he took over chrome's body) and the kokuyo gang arrested once again.Tsuna speaks with (he is freaking out while speaking with him) tsuna tells him can't you use illusions to get us out of here?Muruko then said no it is impossible the chief has the horn hell ring meaning he can counter my illusions with his illusions.The next day the prison fights begin.

Future arcEdit

All that is reaveled right now is that the Pugno di cielo family is trying to arrest byakuran and take control of the tri-ni-set.

Members of the familyEdit

  • Kimogaku (il capo di cielo reale) meaning:royal sky boss (in italian)
  • Ganchi (il difensore di tempesta reale) meaning:royal storm defender (in italian)
  • Komaju (il difensore di nuvola reale) meaning:royal cloud defender (in italian)
  • Zacaro (il difensore di pioggia reale) meaning:royal rain defender (in italian)
  • Yukishio (il difensore di illuminazione reale) meaning:royal lighting defender (in italian)
  • Dan Mirch (il difensore di sole reale) meaning:royal sun defender (in italian) he is realated to Lal Mirch
  • Bakuban (il difensore di foschia reale) meaning:royal mist defender (in italian) he uses scroll's to fight with.