Gender Female
  • 14 (Beginning)
  • 15 (Later)
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 2nd
Team Pandora
Weapons Metal Pipe
Blood Type B
Height 4"9'


Phoenix's appearance is a young teenage girl with black hair tied in twintails with a levander ribbon at both sides. She is quite petite when compared to the rest of the Pandora members.

She has red eyes, and usually wears her Ravenwood Academy uniform (first year), which seems to be specifically altered for her, as her sleeves are detached from the uniform.

In all of her appearances, she often appears smiling with an exposed fang.


She is a skilled actress, capable of putting on the façade of an innocent, curious young girl when she needs to, shown when she registered as a student at the Ravenwood Accedemy, even speaking in a very polite manner. However, under that mask lies a psychotic woman, prone to fits of insane laughter that possesses no regard for human life because of that she joined the Pandora assassion squad. 


Pistol: A class. 

Metal Pipe: The tip on the pipe is stained red.