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Title Reborn children of Darkness
Loyalty Vindice

The Night Walkers a group of former prisoners within Vindice. All they were a part of the same family long ago during the age of Sixth Vongola boss. This young members were turned into strange mutants were suppose to kill and wipe out the Vongola family in order for their own to become the most powerful but Vindice stepped in wiped the family and its history out expect the seven of them. Trapped there for a few years Bermuda saw the hate they held inside of them was similar to that of he and the rest of Vindice. So he offers them the chance to unleash their hate into the world protectors of the Mafia law until the time Vindice was no more. This meant when they killed Checker Face.

These children accepted the offer and Bermuda used their hate to show them how to unlock the families of night. Now with their new powers they follow as Bermuda’s secondary team along with his own who do dirty work the rest of Vindice can’t deal with for some other reason.

Flames of Night and TrainingEdit

Bermuda trained them and gave them the cloaks and chains of Vindice which they wear to appear as the keepers of Mafia law and punish those who dare break it. Though the chains also act as way to aid them in control the Flames of Night sense they are so strong only End has been able to show to fully control them without the chains. However unlike the real Vindice they can make their own flames so even thou they not as strong as Bermuda they can fight far longer than Jager and the others.

Members Rank Status
Blaze Boss Alive
End member Alive
Mirror member Alive
Gas Chamber member Alive
Medusa member Alive
Ravage member Alive
Abyss member Alive