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Nagi Spade

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Title 3rd Generation Varia Mist Guardian/Officer
Gender Female
Age 15-20
Status Alive
Date of Birth November 15
Famiglia Vongola-Varia
  • Demon Spade's Evil Lens
  • Spear/ Scythe
  • Spades
Box Animal Crystal, Melody
Flame Mist


Blood Type A
Height 157 cm

Character OutlineEdit

She loves her children and will do anything for them. She’s excited about her second wedding or renewing of vows with Shinichi and somewhat agitated with Ryuu, since he doesn’t want to share Angelo willingly and he’s marrying her younger sister. Of course, she’s deeply saddened about her father; however, she’s used to death and just kind of put it aside not embracing her feelings for it would upset Shinichi since he killed him.


Fiammetta or Nagi was extremely violent & revengeful when she was younger. She’s a gifted in charming others and tricking them to get what she wants. Being an illusionist, she is always one step ahead and very opened minded with a wild, but strange imagination. She also had a horrible blood lust and a sense of loving torture; however, these feeling subsided when she gave birth to the twins. As she grew, she became really kind and friendly towards others. She’s gentle and respects the same views as Daemon & Elena about the Vongola protecting the weak.


Nagi has light blue hair with blue eyes that have hints of purple that shows to sparkle sometimes. She normally doesn't like skirts or dresses; on rare occasions she wears them, so you normally see her in shorts, jeans, or capris. Her hairstyle through most of her child-teen years was the "pineapple" style. She wore the Head of the Disciplinary Committee badge on her jacket sleeve and carried a black shoulder bag with white trim which carried her weapons and confiscated items. During her early adult years, she cut her hair and it now is cut in choppy layers and her bangs are swept to the wide. She really keeps it down naturally but does put it up once in a while. She owns a ton of clothing articles. For major battles, she wears suit too. Indigo undershirt, black blazer, but instead of skirts, she wears capris or pants.


Nagi lived with her parents in Italy for the very first part of her life. When she discovered Daemon Spade’s Devil Lens, her whole life changed. In that instant, her true abilities as a daughter arose in her and she became a short replica of Daemon. She ran away and went to Vongola Base Italy on her own and that’s where she met Tsuna. Tsunayoshi, not knowing what to do and her refusing to go back to her parents, had convinced everyone to go along with it. Tsuna also convinced Hibari Kyoya & Rokudo Mukuro to train her as well as her cousin Chrome to raise her. She went to Namimori middle and high school and lived with Chrome Dokuroin Japan. She trained with Hibari and Mukuro at the age of 5 with her scythe-spear and thanks to both the trainings she became Head of the Disciplinary Committee ~ She joined Varia at age 13, becoming the youngest girl Officer/guardian.

Abilities & WeaponsEdit

Nagi's number one and most skilled ability is Illusions. She's a first class illusionist for her age, having already accomplished Real Illusions. She is able to trick Vendice Guards and has accomplished many same skills as her elders. She can do pillars of fire with Sakura flowers and an illusionary orb like Daemon Spade. She can also use Mist barrier but since if that barrier is attacked and she can die, she doesn't use it. She's a highly dangerous illusionist. Ability is her Spade's eye or mind control. A trait shared and shown in her bloodline is at will a spade symbol will appear in her right eye when she controls someone mind. Once you look into her eye, she has your mind and she can control you. Sometimes though, it'll stay in her eye when not in use but she doesn't mind. So far, as far back as history tells, it's very hard to avoid this ability. Her hand to hand combat is very exceptional thanks to Hibari Kyoya's merciless training.


  • Vongola Famiglia
    • Varia's Mist Guardian
  • Head of the Disciplinary Committee for Namimori Middle School


  • Valentino & Mia Castro (de Luca) Spade:

They are her parents. Of course they adopted different last name. They are two of the best CEDEF agents out there and always watching each other’s back. They love both their daughters and can’t live without the other.

  • Lauretta de Luca:

Lauretta is her younger sister of five years, making her 15 now. Fiammetta has never met her but there is no need. Lauretta was born as sort of a replacement and “start over” from Fiammetta. Unlike Fiammetta, she holds no social standings in the Mafia world and can’t use the Lens or spades ability, something only passed down from the first born. She has purple eyes and curly purple hair, making her look like her mother.