Character Edit

She is mostly known as Miya by the ones close to her, but around the mafia she is called Principessa. Although very angelic-looking she is actually very deadly, being in the mafia for the first place. She is a part of a separate branch of the Vongola, similar to the Varia. Likewise, their positions are somewhat similar too. Doing things the main Vongola doesn't. She is not very known in the mafia other than her famiglia and keeps a rather normal highschool life. She is one of few that are actually calm and tries to make things settle.


She has a frail stature and is often the object of men's affection due to her "pure look". She has large sky blue eyes that make her look too innocent for her own good. She has mid-back blonde hair that she usually ties in curly pigtails. She is often seen wearing a uniform. It is a white button up with a plaid blue tie with a matching frilly, plaid blue skirt. She is rarely seen wearing anything else, unless in a battle where she sports a sleeveless blue jacket,a white belt,and a hairpin.


She has a somewhat "switch." That switch is what got her in the mafia in the first place. Originally, she has a very cheerful attitude. She is very positive and usually the peacemaker in arguments. She is very childish and cute overall, still holding onto a stuffed animal. Yet, when her switch goes off, she takes a 180 degree turn. She becomes what many claim to be her Demon Form. She is merciless and scary, becoming quite sadistic in her plight. This only happens when someone/something pisses her off. An example is of when her family was murdered by the mafia, and she snapped. She doesn't often go into this mode.