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Makarov Dragneel
Makarov Dragneel
Title 5th Generation Lightning Guardian-Gieuge Famiglia
Gender Male
Age 15
Weapon Lightning Flame Clothing
Box Animal scoiattolo di fulmine
Makarov is the lightning guardian of the Gieuge Famiglia, and is usually partnered up with Dia Oscuro, despite their conflicting personalities.

Character OutlineEdit


Lightning Flame Clothing: He wields unique clothing which absorbs the lightning flame, as well as lightning, allowing him to fight with a high amount of speed, due to his muscles moving much faster than normal. He uses his spear skills with this to make what he calls, lightning knight.

Scoitallo di Fulmine: His box weaopn, which takes the form of a squirrel with a spiked tail when released.

Lightning Spear: He also brandishes a spear which can be compacted to small sizes in battle. This spear can be imbued with lightning flames to make it very hard, and make it easy to cut through naturally hard objects.