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Released diamante sky wolf

Blaze(Lupo di Bianco Inferno)

Lupo di Cielo(Wolf of Heaven) is the Diamante Box Weapon of Luca Esposito and is named Blaze. When first released, the Diamante Sky Box contains a small and caring wolf that mimics its master's mood. By adding his 5 other flames, Luca can cause the small wolf to transform into a large, flaming, and aggressive wolf. This turns Lupo di Cielo to Lupo di Bianco Inferno(Wolf of White Hell).

Box InformationEdit

Box Type:Animal

Attribute:Sky; Sky, Rain, Storm, Cloud, Lightning, and Sun(in Lupo di Bianco Inferno)

Baby diamante sky wolf

Blaze(Lupo di Cielo)

Power:A(Cielo) or S+(Bianco Inferno)

Speed:B(Cielo) or A-S(Bianco Inferno)

Stamina:B(Cielo) or B-A(Bianco Inferno)


Personality:Mirrors Luca's feelings