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Lupo Ferrari is the Vongola Undicesimo, the Eleventh Vongola boss. He is the user of the inherited Sky Vongola Ring. His Vongola Box is Sciacallo di Cieli, the Sky Jackal. Lupo's tutor is Realeza, the new Sky Arcobaleno taking after Luche.

About LupoEdit


Lupo Ferrari in his suit during the Ring Battle. His suit is made of the same material as Reborn's clothes which resist Dying Will Flames.

Lupo is a High School student in the town where the Vongola relocated to, in Sicily. There he met Giuseppe Riina, a relative of Gokudera, who became his Storm Guardian. He was an excellent fencer, and his weapon of choice is a fencing sword which he emits sky flame with. He is the only candidate for boss, as he was hand-picked personally by Tsuna, then at the age of sixty-five. Sure there are back-up candidates, but they are only if something happens to Lupo. And something does. In a fight with the Tomaso family, he is severly wounded by their current boss, Longchamp Kyuu, the son of Longchamp Naito. While he recovers, Hayato Gokudera suggests they find a new Eleventh Boss candidate, and Lupo can be the 12th when he's older. Tsuna disagrees and insists on getting Lupo back to normal as soon as possible. However, Gokudera chooses a former Vendicare who quit and joined the Vongola to be the new Vongola Undicesimo. Even though both Hayato and Tsuna do not want anyone to go through the same hell called the Battle for the Rings as they did, certainly a Ring battle ensues. Right before the ring battle, Lupo gets his first and only box weapon, Sciacallo di Cieli. He fights the former Vendicare, Trofeo. However this arc is currently in progress, so I will return to this later.