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Liam is the new boss of the Giegue Famiglia, and wields the sky flame.

Liam Walsche
Kaname Yuki
Title 5th Generation Sky Guardian-Gieuge Famiglia
Gender Male
Age 18
Status Alive
Date of Birth unknown
Famiglia Gieuge Famiglia
Loyalty Gieuge Famiglia
Team Gieuge Quinto and Guardians
Weapon Cielo Pistola
Box Animal Falco di Cielo
Flame Sky

Character OutlineEdit


Giegue Ring of the Sky:He wields a powerful sky ring which can be imbued with amazing amounts of dying will flames.

Cielo pistola: A customised pistol for himself which can shoot out dying will flames, however these flames direction and power can be controlled if focused enough, making it a difficult weapon to use for a normal Mafia member.

Falco di Cielo: His own box weapon which takes the form of a large hawk when used.