Kyomi Hibari

Kyomi Hibari

Kanji Name 雲雀 経実
Romaji Name Hibari Kyomi
Other Names
  • The Female Skylark
  • The Younger Hibari
  • Hibari-chan
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Age 6
Family Kyoya Hibari (Older Brother)

Character Outline

Kyomi Hibari (雲雀 経実, Hibari Kyomi) is the baby sister of the so-called "Demon of Namimori", Kyoya Hibari.


In the pictures Kyoya found in her file, it shows that Kyomi is a pale skinned girl with jet black hair and blue-grayish irises. Records only have pictures of her childhood, her present appearance is unknown.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

She was first mentioned by Kyoya, during the 3rd chapter of the story, to Tomomi who questioned him about his family. Later on, she was revealed to be missing and her memories were portrayed in Tomomi's dreams.

Kokuyo Arc

During the early events of the arc, Kyoya had taken her citizen file from the library along with Tomomi's, revealing his younger sister's real status, deceased.

Kyomi's Death

Contained in her file was a news article of her murder. 2 days after her 6th birthday, she went "missing" to search for her brother who ran away from their home, due to unknown reasons. She was soon found dead in an alleyway within Namimori Market, found with a dead man and a panicking high school female student.

Her death was inhumane, for she was tricked by the man into the alleyway and killed. They soon confirmed that she was then raped and left with her body, a mess; cannibalized, seeing that the man had blood all over his hands and in his mouth. The female student, the witness of the whole event, was remained unharmed but was sent to jail.


Kyoya Hibari

As his little sister, Kyoya and Kyomi were inseparable. Being the only children of their parents, they were very close to each other, seeing that Kyoya was deeply affected of her death.

Tomomi Gokudera

Kyomi's memories were being portrayed to Tomomi through Namimori and her brother, Kyoya. It's possible that her spirit was responsible or that her memories were strongest at some times. Except for her memories and Kyoya, the two had no other connection to one another.