Katekyo Hitman REBORN! the Abridged Parody Series, otherwise crudely and humourously abbreviated as 'KHRAP', is a parody-series created by the YouTuber named LeeroyJenkinsstudio. Despite the monicker, the YouTuber states that the series is created entirely by himself, only with various guests voicing characters he thinks he could not be able to voice, or that they would be able to voice better. The series was launched on the 30th of August, 2008, and has accumulated nearly five-hundred fans.

Plot SummariesEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

Duration: Episode 1 to Episode 6

Tsuna's life is nothing to boast about. Bad grades, bad social skills, bad life. But then, everything changes when he is put under the guidance of a hitman named Reborn. The basic plot of the original series has been kept in tact, with the meetings of Tsuna's future family members and the development of the story of the Vongola. However, their characteristics are modified to the creator's liking (enhanced comedically or given personalities that fit their original ones), but keep the same relationships as before.

Kokuyo ArcEdit

Duration: Episode 7 to the last part of the arc-ending movie.

Mukuro's gang comes in to change the world, but only the top three of the gang (Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa) know it. The others are simply expendable extra's that're thrown in to slow down Tsuna and the gang, as told by Mukuro during the final climactic duel during the movie.

Character SummariesEdit

Sawada TsunayoshiEdit

Known and addressed as simply "Tsuna", he is the main protagonist of the show. Comically, he is extraordinarily weak and quite stupid. On the other hand, he has shown that he is competent in a situation and, rather than weak, is more pragmatic and a pacifist (it can be argued that his pragmaticism is because of his weakness). Notably, he has shown a tendency to curse in a small level, but over time he has resorted to child-like profanities while on a casual level, while in Hyper Dying Will Mode he takes on a sterner and more profane attitude.



Episode One - "A Unfunny Introduction"

Episode Two - "Pingas"

Episode Three - "The Plight of the Cowkyries"

Episode Three Point Five - "A Haru-ble Episode"

Episode Four - "A Tale of Two Committees"

Episode Five - "Turtles and Italians? In My Japan?"

Episode Five Point Five - "The Shamal-man Cometh"

Episode Six - "Psychic Boy Lost Due To Unforeseen Circumstances"

Episode Seven - "Tomfoolery and Antics Ensue"

Episode Eight - "The Androgynously Flaming Pair of Gentlemen"

Episode Nine - "Birds in the House of Mouse"

Episode Ten - "Requiem for a- Oh, God Damnit, Can We Just End This Arc Already?!"

KHRAP: The Half Hour (or Something) Movie - Part One of Three

KHRAP: The Half Hour (or Something) Movie - Part Two of Three

KHRAP: The Half Hour (or Something) Movie - Part Three of Three


Hibari Plays Portal - Part One