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Kaname Rendo
Abhorsen number 2
Title 5th Generation Rain Guardian-Gieuge Famiglia
Gender Male
Age 16
Weapon Daisho Pair
Box Animal serpente di pioggia
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Kaname is a member of the New Generation of the Gieuge Family, and is a user of Rain Flames.

Character OutlineEdit


Daisho Pair: He wields a daisho pair of swords which have a black scabbard with intricate patterns on them, he is highly adept in their usage.

Giegue Rain Ring: A rain flame ring which is of a high A rank class, although not as powerful as the Trinisette, it can still bring a large amount of flames easily.

Serpente di Pioggia: His box weapon, it takes the form of a hydra, with different sizes depending on the amount of flames it has consumed, although usually, it is about as tall as Kaname.