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"Want to find out?."-Kaleb.



Character OutlineEdit

Vent "Kaleb" Muore is a mysterious man who carries a dark past and is the holder of the Nightlight bracelet. He used to work for Unknown whom he didn't trust but came to do so because he didn't have a place to stay. He went astray knowing the organization's secret motive was evil enough. He crossed the and decided to turn against it. He is the one who united the Bambino. Unlike the others, he views the bambino more like a occupation than a curse.


Kaleb's shady figure gives suspicion to other people around him. He occasionally jokes around when possible. Denzel states that he is the type that you would like to talk to.


Airy "Eri" SkylarkEdit

Kaleb is the one who nicknamed Air into Eri. He is also the one who calmed her down after they receive the bambino curse.

Denzel VeinEdit

Denzel quickly befriends with Kaleb and trusts him more than anyone else. Kaleb and Denzel are an invincible team and are often together in most fights.

Azula SapphireEdit

Though often furious at Kaleb, Azula cares for his well-being and acknowledges him as the best in their team. Kaleb, in return, views her as a dependable ally, able to pull her own weight.

Vince AlimEdit

Kaleb and Vince has a friendly rivalry between them. Kaleb often scolds Vince when he gets their selves into trouble. They often practice shooting cans which is set up by Denzel.

Luigi OmbudEdit

Kaleb and Luigi often teases each other about their behavior. Even though they have a furious rivalry going on between them, they still acknowledge each other's strength and intelligence.

Ken GuiseEdit

Unreliable yet useful is the term Kaleb uses to describe him. Ken neither listens to nor ignores what Kaleb says to him and stays loyal even after creating failures.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

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Chaos Thorn

  • Chaos Thorn - Kaleb's main weapon is a customized long-barrel magnum which he uses as his mid range weapon.
  • Pocket Knife - Kaleb has a self-customized pocket knife consisting knives of different shapes and sizes and also several lock picks.




Pino - Kaleb has an armadillo for an partner which. Kaleb summons Pino from the ground. Kaleb can infuse Pino with Cloud flames so Pino can form his shell with tiny-curved spikes.

Pilot - Kaleb also has a python who he only see as his pet. Pilot could understand Kaleb and is loyal to him.


  • Due to a past trauma, he tends to make fun of anything he sees.