Kaida Urufu Zara

Kanji name


Romaji Name

Kaida Urufu Zara


  • 10th Generation Moon Guardian
  • Namimori Discipline Committee Vice-Chairman



Date of Birth/Age

  • March 26
  • 14, 24 in the Future


  • Vongola Famiglia (Decimo and Guardians)
  • Namimori Discipline Committee
  • Foundation


  • Moon Eskrima Sticks
  • Yuzuki's Nunchucks

Box Animal



  • Moon
  • Smog

First appeared in

The Lost Guardians Arc (Chapter 2)

Character OutlineEdit

Kaida Urufu Zara was born in Japan. She is an Aries and her Blood Type is O. Not much is known about her past, except that she is Hibari's sister who was thought dead together with her mother. Kaida was also raised into thinking that her older brother and father died. She has a younger half-sister named, Ayumi, who she is particularly close to. She is the vice-chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, a group of delinquents who are all loyal to Hibari. At first glance, she may not seem as violent as her brother. But in reality, she tends to be more dangerous. Unlike her brother, she doesn't use her status to harrass others as often as him. It was shown in the fanfiction "The Lost Guardians Arc" that she likes being alone and the only company she's comfortable with is her brother. She may seem cold and heartles but she actually cares for a lot of people but prefers not to show it. Her first "catchphrase" was "Your dead meat" then it changed to "I'll tear you to death," or "shini tia" in japanese. She only says those things to those who bother her, etc., Kaida likes the School Anthem, to the point of using it as her "message alert," in her cellphone. The assassin Birds gave her Hibari's Hibird's twin as a payment for something that she did. She named it Hybird because (according to her) she admire Hybrids (half-vampire, half-werewolf). People find that a strange explanation. Raiden Ayasaki thinks that the real reason was because she was bored. Hibird taught Hybird how to sing the Namimori Middle School anthem.... in a way. She has a soft spot for her siblings, certain animals, and plushies (as shown in chapter 15 of the Lost Guardians Arc).

Plot OverviewEdit

Lost Guardians ArcEdit

Kaida was chosen (along with Raiden Ayasaki, Suzume Kakin, Taiga Baka, and Kyra Tamago) to be one of the five Lost Guardians of the Vongola Famiglia.

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Kaida still has to make an appearance in this arc


Sawada TsunayoshiEdit

Kaida usually shuns Tsuna off and occassionally calls him a "weak disturbance". She doesn't really mind him very much despite the fact that he's the boss of their famiglia. Though she actually cares for the entire Vongola Famiglia.

Zara AyumiEdit

She's Kaida younger half-sister. She calls Ayumi "Imoto-san". Ayumi lives with Kaida in her dorm in Namimori Middle. Kaida's the one putting her to bed and such. Kaida also tries her best to teach and train Ayumi as much as she can. The two of them were shown to be quite close.

Hibari KyoyaEdit

Hibari is Kaida's long-lost older brother. Despite the fact that they barely know each other, they were still able to form a close brother-and-sister relationship, probably due to their many similarities. When Hibari found out that Kaida had several wounds, he lost his serious and "emotionless" demeanor and ended up freaking out. It shows that Hibari's concerned for her welfare and vice-versa.

Tamago KyraEdit

Although Kyra considers Kaida her greatest rival, Kaida barely pays any attention to her. She only does so when she violates a Namimori rule. The two of them get into fights quite often.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit


  • Eskrima Sticks
  • Moon Wolf
  • Vongola Moon Wolf
  • Zero (Version X)
  • Cambio Forma: Yuzuki's Nunchuks
  • Glove of the Moon Version X


None have been revealed so far


  • Kaida's fan number is 08.
  • Her favorite food is rib-eye stake
  • Her two favorite plants are wolfsbane, and sakura, which is ironically, her brother's most hated plant.
  • Kaida's real home is a mansion somewhere far from Namimori.
  • Her catchphrase used to be "You're dead meat," but it changed to "I'll tear you to death."