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Kage Flame in japanese is 影炎 and also Kage Flame is the Strongest Mafia ever lived because he is allowed to use all elements and allowed to use space and time without using to much effort and also the 11th Vongola Boss.


He has a black suit and a white under shirt, black belt and has a black tie and leather shoes but black.


He always smile, always want to save the world, do not like people who hurt but never wants to kill anyone, cares about his friends and Partner and his Famliy and never give up in battle.He does l


One day Kage Flame saw a village and some bad people were destroying it and then Kage Flame went close to them and attacked, then they use the storm element and attack, but Kage Flame used Zero Point Break Through and got it's flames and then Kage Flame used Jikan kezu iwa-ki then Kage Flame went in the air and used X-Burner and then Jikan kezu iwa-ki stop and X Burner and attacked him and they was 5 more left one of the people used Cloud and charge and then Kage Flame filcked him with his finger and he was flying in the air for a long time and 4 of them saw how far he went was 1km then space and used Surōmōshon the 4 men was so slow then Kage Flame used the storm element and trapped them then Kage Flame went close to them and used Zero Point Break Through 1st Edition and it was over And the village was safe again.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition is a Technique created by Vongola Primo and later used by the Ninth and Tenth and Kage Flame. It takes advantage of the user being in Hyper Dying Will Mode to create ice that can seal away Dying Will Flames and can only be melted by strong Dying Will Flames.

Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised: (零地点突破:カイ, Zero Chiten Toppa: Kai), Tsuna's own version of the Zero Point Breakthrough. The revised Technique allows Tsuna to not only absorb the enemy Flames, but convert the Flames into his own power.

X-Burner is Tsuna's and Kage Flame main and most powerful attack. It consists of a blast of Dying Will Flame from the X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring usable on the ground and in the air. Tsuna was able to perfect it with the use of the Contact Lens made by Spanner. While using "Soft Flames" to create support, he fires the "Hard Flame" forward. Its strongest blast record until the Choice Arc has a strength of 250000+ FV (Fiamma Voltage) in which Tsuna broke when he blasted Torikabuto's illusion which had 300000 FV (Fiamma Voltage) in order to save Shoichi Irie, who was the target of the Choice battle, from Kikyo of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths. Tsuna also used this technique in order to eradicate Byakuran by the end of the Future Arc.


It is a very cool attack that can slow the enemy by 100 times slower and allow you to attack them easily.

Jikan kezu iwa-kiEdit

It is a move that can make the enemy can't see anything, hear anything, feel anying and move anything, but if you are going to attack the enemy, the move goes away.


Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Reflex Flame Purity/Power Total Stats
5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 30/30