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Iesato Sawada

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Title Vongola Ventesimo
Gender Male
Age 13
Status Alive
Date of Birth January 7th
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Team Vongola Ventesimo & Guardians
Weapons XX-Gloves
Box Animal Natsu
Flame Sky
Blood Type O-
Fanon Debut Vongola Family 11th Generation

Character OutlineEdit


he is very nice, and forgiving, naive at times, he cares vary deeply fro his friends as well. He is happy or smiling nearly all the time, and barly pays attention to the present situation. He is a slight Klutz


Wear's unique, and common cloths from his time period, with Black Hair, and Dark Orange eyes


Abilities & WeaponsEdit

XX-Gloves: Specialtly Gloves that emit Sky Flames, and have if only for 15 minutes in a battle, complete control over the Past, Present & Future condition of an Enviorment or Weapon

Hyper Dying Will Mode: This occurs when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or has ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will Mode removes internal limiters instead of the external ones, thus releasing one's hidden awareness.

Natsu (Kai:): A remake of Vongola Decimo's "Natsu" Box weapon.

Vongola Ring: Iesato uses the ring to comunicate with the Will's of previous Vongola bosses


Nagi Spade: Great (x10) Grandmother