Haru is 15 years old her bloodtype is A, she is a shy girl and is the daughter of Lemitsu and Nana Hayato little sister of Bianchi Hayato and older sister of Fuuta Hayato. She studies at Namimori middle school and is best friends with Kyoko Sasagawa Hana Kurokawa and Chrome Rokudo. She is funny girl when it comes to her friends, she has a crush on Yamamoto but Gokudera Hurricane has feelings towards her. She trains with Hibari Kyoya and Sasagawa Ryohei to help built her confidence.She is the Thunder Vongola Guardian she is 1 of 2 Vongola Guradians.


In the present Haru has brown eyes and brown hair tied up she is usually seen wearind casual clothes and skirts, In the future she has short hair and is seen wearind black leggings


Haru comes from a family of leaders, soliders and mafia officers.

Plot Overview:Edit

Daily Life ArcEdit

She accindentally ran into Tsuna while going home from school and fell at the brigde, Reborn shoot Tsuna with a Dying will bullet and saved her but tsuna drowned that time Yamamoto jumped in to save them both as a result of Haru having a crush on him. Both of them walked her home when they saw haru's parents and siblings waiting for her.

Varia ArcEdit

Haru woke up one morning to see that she been choosen to be one of Tsuna's Guardians annouced by her father and mother who are both part of mafia she goes to look for Tsuna she meets up with them in a fight against Belphegor and Squalo. In the Ring tournament Haru had to be trained by her family and Hibari, that night Haru fought against Levithan ( Levi ) and won the battle.

Future ArcEdit

Future Haru enters the room with Future Ryohei after they arrived from Italy to get information and look for Future Chrome, Tsuna and Gokudera notice that she has a wedding ring on her that in fact she is married to the Future Yamamoto 1 month ago.

She trained with Yamamoto and Gokudera for the incoming invasion in Melon Base and Irie Shouchi. Where they learn she was the ex-girlfriend of Byakuran 5 years ago

Arcobaleno Trials ArcEdit

Haru is not mostly seen in this arc because she has to recover from her injuries in the future.

Choice ArcEdit