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Guerranube Lillaquiello






Cloud Varia, Vongola




Storm-Hawk Lightning-Falcon Cloud-Eagle

Reborn character


A skilled weapon master that beat 20 of the best fighters in the world. Doing this he was able to come into the Varia under Xanxus, he is currently the cloud guardian of the Varia after the Gola Mosca was defeated. He posses three flames: cloud, storm, and lightning. He uses these flames for his specially designed weapons. He was already in the mafia at the age of 7 and later gained the title of ultimate weapon master since he can use any weapon easily, as Xanxus always gives him a different weapon to use each time he's fighting is proof that he can use any weapon even rocks while someone else could having throwing knives. He dislikes Levi since Guerranube thinks Levi is stupid and idiotic, and he also dislikes Lussuria since he is just plain strange yet everyonelse he likes or at least doesn't hate them. He doesn't mind the tenth boss of Vongola like Xanxus because he wasn't in the ring battle.


His weapon is a bit like a bow with miny axes on the round part and he holds it at the flat surface like brass knuckles, yet it also has one giant ax at a curved part of his weapon. It also has a sword like weapon coming from the edge of his weapon. He also has wires so thin that no one can see them (like Bel's knives). Also he can shrink the size of his weapon, the axes, or the wires using the storm flames degeneration ability and he can also multiply these parts of the weapon with the cloud's propagation ability.

Box Weapons:

Cloud Box:


Animal: Eagle with axes on the top of it's head

Storm Box:


Animal: Hawk

Lightning Box:


Animal: Yellow Falcon with a lightning emblem on both of it's wings


He is calm in battle and thinks of a strategy forming every possible move that could either lead to his downfall or give him victory. He will not always kill someone unless he thinks they have the potential if they do he may keep them alive but otherwise he may just kill them. He doesn't mind nicknames, but only his friends can call him by his nickname which he likes to be called as, "Guerra", seeing as his name is too long. He can easily make an enemy but just as easily make a friend. Most of the time he is kind, but can be heartless without knowing it.


He has two scars on his cheek, and blue hair. He has icy blue eyes that in the midst of battle can make people run for their lives. Most of the time he is seen with headphones on seeing as this calms him down if he gets too "involved" in the battle. He wears his Varia coat like everyone else except it has much more chains to carry his weapon. He wears a white t-shirt with a picture of two swords crossing a cracked skull head in an X position.



His past was full of conflict and anguish, he was born in Italy, yet moved to Spain with his Uncle at the age of six. Once his mother died when he was three he dedicated his life to helping others and to protect loved ones. Then his next tragedy happened when his father died at the age of 5 in a half and had to live with his father's brother. His uncle had a wife that was from Spain and his aunt moved to Spain since their family was having financial problems at that time, so they thought to move closer to his aunt's family. They moved in with his aunt's mother and the mother despised Guerra saying that he was spoiled, rude and ignorant, and only appreciated her daughter's son who was only 4 years old. Although he was jealous of his cousin for having a living family and good life they were in fact best friends and they were both sparring partners. Once it was Guerra's sixth birthday he decided to actually make a wish on a shooting star, since his aunt's mother didn't think he would need a birthday party, that he would become the best weapons master ever. So, he started with an easy weapon to get, a knife, later he did many jobs to get money and also become stronger. He then discovered the truth of his family, or at least his mother's side of the family, that they were actually part of the mafia and he was related to the first Vongola cloud guardian, that's when he decided he would join the Mafia and protect his family. At the age of seven he had enough power and money to get to Italy and to get into the Mafia and was cared for by the Ninth boss of the Vongola. At the age of nine though something terrible happened he made a trip to Spain to show his cousin how powerful he was but to his surprise he saw his cousin's house burned to flames. He then fell on both knees and wondered who could do this? He then saw a figure come from the flames with a knife in one hand, a bloody knife, as the figure approached he realized who it was, it was his cousin and best friend. Realizing that his cousin killed his family he immediately asked why he did this, and his cousin replied "Cuz I can.", he then felt anguish even for his aunt's mother who despised him and attacked his cousin but was to late and his cousin fled. After his terrible past he only felt sorrow and pity in his body, yet never showing it since it is his one weakness. He then became more powerful to kill his cousin and later at the age of 12 joined the Varia with his 3 box weapons and unique weapons. Although he knew he would have to kill people he didn't care even if it did pained him he only thought that he'll protect the only family he had left the Vongola. He was also smarter then anyone in his class and even in all of Italy between the ages of 12-22 and only became smarter. Once he met Tsuna at the age of 11 he knew that he would have to protect him and, since he liked Tsuna as a friend he didn't mind, also he got along with most of his guardians and saw the cloud guardian and immediately envied Hibari for looking so much like the first cloud guardian.'


Intelligence Strength Flame Power Agility Overall
5/5 4.3/5 4.7/5