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Gray Alberona
Gray Alberona
Title 5th Generation Sun Guardian-Gieuge Famiglia
Gender Male
Age 16
Weapon Sun Flame Gloves
Box Animal Leopardo di Sole
Gray is the sun guardian for the Gieuge Famiglia.

Character OutlineEdit


Sun Flame Gloves: He has a special pair of gloves which can be imbued with sun flames to speed up his punches, and heal injuries on his hands quickly.

Sun Flame Shoes: He also has a special pair of joggers which let him run at max speeds using the sun flame as a catalyst. However, this is in a box weapon, as the feet cannot interact with the ring on Gray's hand.

Gieuge Sun Flame Ring: This ring, like all the other Gieuge rings, is a highly powerful ring, capable of producing a vast amount of flames with ease.