Gin Yamaki, The First Meister

Gin Yamaki is the first Meister of the Yakuza. He has been nicknamed Preaching Shinigami.


Gin is a 29-year-old, tall man with greyish hair and small black eyes. He is freakishly tall and muscular. Gin always wears the standard Yakuza Uniform, a long black coat decorated with red clouds and bamboo sandals. He wears his Yakuza headband around his neck.


Gin is an ex-monk, so he is very religious and constantly talks about Nirvana. However, unlike most monks, he belives that in order to reach Nirvana you must surrender all of your earthly possesions including your life. He is also very rude and constantly cusses. He works for the Yakuza Boss as an organ collector and dealer.

Hidan Ritual

Gin Yamaki with his War Paint


Gin carries a long three-bladed schyte called the Deathschyte. It is one of the 11 God Tools of the Yakuza. The schyte allows him to use many techniques that Shinigami can use.

Gin also posseses a necklace called Monk's Vengence which gives him immortality as long as it makes direct contact to his skin. It also enchances his human capabilities and senses.

  • Soul Reap is and ability used by Gin. He swings his schyte and creates a shockwave slash.
  • Curse of Blood is a technique used by Gin. With this technique Gin can rub his opponents blood on his body. Then the damage done on Gin's body is reflected on his opponent.


  • The character concept of Gin Yamaki is based on Hidan from Naruto.
  • Gin has stated that his favorite kind of music is Metal and Rock and his favorte band is Black Sabbath."