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Gieuge Famiglia
Famiglia Name Gieuge Famiglia
Current Boss Liam Walsche
Allied Families Vongola Famiglia

Family Background== The Giegue Famiglia (nicknamed the "Grave Diggers") are an allied Mafia Family from Russia. They planned to attend Vongola Decimo's Inheritance Ceremony in Japan.

Gokudera appears to be aware of their fearsome reputation as a group of assassins.

Discovering the location of the group attempting to interfere with the ceremony, the Giegue Family decide to deal with the interfering group as a gift to the next Vongola Boss. However, they were defeated by an unknown female fighter, who, according to them, did not possess any of the conventional Dying Will Flames. Though the actual outcome of their battle with the mysterious fighter has yet to be confirmed, Reborn stated that "their bodies" were left in strange positions, implying that there were no survivors of the conflict. During the ceremony the attacker was revealed to be Adelheid Suzuki of the Shimon Family.

Soon afterward, they had a minor inheritance ceremony of their own, naming their new leader.


Guardian of the Sky-Liam WalscheEdit

Guardian of the Storm-Ultear MeredithEdit

Guardian of the Rain-Kaname RendoEdit

Guardian of the Cloud-Aston DreyarEdit

Guardian of the Lightning-Makarov DragneelEdit

Guardian of the Mist-Dia OscuroEdit

Guardian of the Sun-Gray AlberonaEdit