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I Geni Famiglia
Famiglia Name Geni Famiglia
Kanji Title 遺伝子ファミリー
Romaji Title Tensai Famiri
Literal Meaning The Geniuses
A.K.A. Sconosciuto Famiglia
Current Boss Tetsuya Higashikata
Allied Families Vongola Famiglia

The Geni Famiglia is a hidden Famiglia and one of the most powerful and smartest Famiglia who had a secret alliance with the Vongola Famiglia. They are also known as the Sconosciuto Famiglia, one of the weakest Famiglias in the world of Mafia.


The Ring HoldersEdit

Known MembersEdit

1st Generation Members:

  • Il Capo (deceased)
  • La Mente (deceased)
  • Esprimere (deceased)
  • Lana (deceased)
  • Sorriso (deceased)
  • Persona (deceased)
  • Guardare (deceased)
  • Coraggio

Primary Members:

  • Tetsuya Higashikata
  • Chiyo Matsuoka
  • Kyoma Matsumori
  • Emi Yamada
  • Taiga Hiiragi
  • Aiko Hanamura
  • Shintaro Masamoto
  • Sora Kurokawa


  • The first members and the primary members weren't related to each other.
  • Coraggio was an immortal person that can't get aged and gave the rings to the primary members to continue the Geni Famiglia.
  • The first members were named according to body parts; Il Capo(Head), La Mente(Brains), Esprimere(Voice), Lana(Hair), Sorriso(Smile, relates to Teeth), Persona(Body/Figure), Guardare(Eyes), Coraggio(Heart).
  • Sconosciuto means Unknown.
  • First members kill their targets according to their name.
    • Il Capo decapitates the target.
    • La Mente gets the target's brain and use for experiments.
    • Esprimere slits the target's throat.
    • Persona burns the target's body.
    • Guardare makes the target blind or take off their eyeballs.
    • Coraggio kills the target by taking off their hearts using his bare hands or impale.
  • Lana and Sorriso were the only ones who can't kill the opponents for reasons.
  • Similarities between the Primary and the First Members:
    • Il Capo and Tetsuya Higashikata look alike, both were good at calculations. In addition, both of them were afraid to kill people at their first time being a boss of the Famiglia.
    • La Mente and Chiyo Matsuoka liked to experiment while laughing, both are innocent and liked cats. However, they differ in gender.
    • Esprimere and Kyoma Matsumori are both good at everything, both of their parents are strict. They both like to sing secretly.
    • Persona and Aiko Hanamura look alike, both liked to dance and had a partner in Garzone Famiglia.
    • Guardare and Shintaro Masamoto both liked to write stories, they are short-tempered and always get angry or pissed at the boss.
    • Corragio and Sora Kurokawa had the same personalites, both are clumsy and liked to draw in their alone time. They both say sorry whenever they bump at objects, also, both of them can be violent when they're angry. However, they differ in gender.