Gender Female
Age 18
Status Alive
Partner Alexander Ashford
Weapons Her body
Height 5'6"
Family Alexander Ashford (Boyfriend)


Fuchsia is a light skinned woman with very long, curly strawberry blonde hair worn in a high ponytail with a black and blue twin-bow piece with few bangs and long curls of hair framing her face. Her eyes are a meganta color.

She wears a revealing black dress with long boots and gloves that end at her wrist, along with a black neck piece with a white sphere in the center that has a small blue x in the center and two small pieces of blue cloth. On both hips, Chika has black ribbon-cloth segments that have longer cloth pieces dangling from both sides with blue sparkled coloring inside. The skirt is practically non-exsistant on the dress, being a simple cloth in front of her lower area.


Fuchsia is very tough and competitive one who openly states rude or sarcastic comments, usually with a small smirk. Mysterious and fought several times before she joins the party, She is very aggressive towards Melody and holds a strong grudge against her for some unknown reason. Fuchsia takes almost all of Melodys friend for revenge but she couldn't take the Pandora people.