Why are the pages cramped?Edit

Due to the new Wikia Look, some of you might see the pages as being extremely cramped and in some cases unreadable. This is only because you're viewing the Wikia in its default look. All the active users see the Wikia in a different, and more pleasing way than you do; so, if you want to have a more pleasing browsing or editing experience, here's what you should do:

If I'm an AnnonEdit

  • Unfortunately, to make any changes to the way you view the wikia, you'll have to create an account.

The upside to creating an account, other than having a more pleasing browsing expreience is:

  • This will only be a one-time thing. Once you've created an account, you won't have to change the view settings anymore.
  • View Pages With No Ads!
  • The communtity will know who you are, and you can communicate with them more easily. It's easier to make friends in a site when they know who you are.
  • Some pages which can't be edited by being an annon can now be edited once you have an account.
  • The credit for any edit you make will go to you.
  • You can Upload images onto the Wikia! But please make sure that you follow our Image Policy.

Steps to take to change the View SettingsEdit

  • First, create a page (Make Sure to Select BLANK PAGE) with the name: User:(User Name)/wikia.css Eg - User:AlienGamer/wikia.css
  • Then Copy the Following coding, and paste it onto the page your creating. :

The Coding (Just Copy→Paste the Code Below)Edit

/*Modifying level 3/4 headers (bolded and thus more noticable)*/
H3 { font-weight: bold; }
H4 { font-weight: bold; }

/*Making sure the edit link (LVL3 header) remains normal*/
.WikiaArticle .editsection { font-weight: normal; }

/* Hides image attribution on articles */
div.picture-attribution { display:none !important; }

/* Increase the width of the actual page content */
.WikiaArticle {width:980px !important;}
.WikiaPageHeader details {width:970px !important;}
.WikiaArticleCategories {width:950px !important;}

/* Removes the above when previewing edits */
.skin-oasis #wikiPreview {margin-right:10px !important;}

/*No large bars leading to other Wikis*/
#GlobalNavigation { display:none !important; }

/*No Blog Post Box, Needs it for the View Size
.bloglist { display:none !important; }

/*Would this be better? Nothing but .CommunityCornerModule and .WikiaSearch*/
.LatestPhotosModule, .WikiaActivityModule, .HotSpotsModule, .FollowedPagesModule, .WikiaSpotlightsModule, #WikiaSpotlightsModule, .WikiaPagesOnWikiModule, #WikiaPagesOnWikiModule { display: none !important; }

/* Hiding */ 
.FollowedPagesModule { display:none !important; } 
.WikiaPagesOnWikiModule { display:none !important; }

If this is confusing in any way, just ask an Admin to do this for you. They'll be happy to help you out should you need it!

New Look Usage TipsEdit

  • As you can notice, Recent Changes and a few other features cannot be seen in this new skin, but at the bottom of your screen is a link called "My Tools": click that and go to "Edit My Tools", and add them manually if you want to have them again.
    • You can also get to the RC by clicking "Wiki Activity" then on "See all activity >"
  • Page History is under the Page Name. It's the one where the last contributer is listed; scroll there and click "View Full History" to have the normal History Mode.
  • Move, Protect, and Delete are now under "Edit".

Keyboard ShortcutsEdit

  • Go to your User Page: Alt-
  • Go to your User talk page: Alt-n
  • Current Wikia Homepage: Alt-z
  • Random Page: Alt-x
  • Wikia Activity: Alt-g
  • Recent Changes: Alt-r
  • Watchlist: Alt-l
  • Follow Page: Alt-w
  • Edit Page: Alt-e
  • Search: Alt-f
  • Talk Page: Alt-t
  • Move Page: Alt-m


If Anyone Has Any Questions, Please Ask An Admin To Help, And They Would Be Will Be Happy To Assist You.