Flavia Lintui


Teacher Violent Hurricane

  Varia Second-In-Command Candidate


21(Present) 30 (Future)




Namimori Middle School Teacher

  Former Varia Storm Guardian



Box Weapon:

Tempesta Procione



Blood Type:






Character OutlineEdit

Flavia Lintui is a twenty one year old History and Physical Education teacher in Namimori Middle School hired by Reborn to teach Tsuna and his Guardians the history of the Vongola and the Mafia, while training them to become stronger fighters and skilled mafia members. She is considered to be kind and motherly by the Vongola X Family, but can be scary and violent when no one is doing what they are told, or someone harms anyone or anything important to her.

Flavia was the former Strom Guardian of the Varia, the Vongola IX Family's Independant Assassination Squad and was the supposed Second-In-Command of the squad. Flavia claimed she left the squad when Xanxus became the leader as she found his method of leading "Unjustified bloodshed and unruly" and did not wish to serve under who she claimed to be the incorrect leader of the Varia.

In the Future Arc, Flavia is married and is expecting a child, to who Tsuna and the others thought to be Dino's child as Dino states that she was his childhood crush and love, for them to be proven wrong when she states that she married Squalo and is baring his daughter. Flavia trains Gokudera in how to use his box weapon correctly when he gives up on learning with Bianchi. Flavia mostly cooks with the girls and takes care of Kyoko and Haru when Tsuna and the others are fighting.


In the present Flavia has long rustic coloured hair, which she only ties up when battling or when she is teaching physical education in the school. She usually is seen wearing a black tank top with a green low dipped green sweater over it and jeans.

When battling, she will try to wear light clothing such as t-shirt and hotpants but when outside school she will only wear a tank top and hotpants as she finds clothes to be to restrictive to her battle style.

In the future, Flavia hair is longer and and tied into a loose messy ponytail, she wears a blue paternity dress when cooking and relaxing, but during the Choice Battle she wore a dark yellow kimono with a high collar. Flavia being eight months pregnant has gained weight and wears slippers for comfort purposes.

Future Flavia

Plot OverviewEdit

Daily Life Arc:Edit

Flavia is first introduced when Dino takes her to the snowball fight, as a close friend of his who arrived to find a job for her college work experience. Its then Reborn hires her knowing her from training Dino and the years of training her too. She becomes Tsuna and the Guardian's teacher and ally. She often hangs out with them after school only when Dino is present.

Varia Arc:Edit

After Tsuna's confrontation with Squalo, Dino tells Tsuna to speak with her and to ask her questions about the Varia. At first she is relucant to answer questions, and goes as far as to deny her history as one of its members.Its only when Reborn tells her that Tsuna had met Squalo does she cooperate and tell Tsuna all that she knows of each member, but warns him that Xanxus and the others will threaten does close to him.

She visits the hotel in which the Varia is at, and demands Xanxus to go back home and leave Japan as he is picking an unfair fight against kids. Xanxus laughs at her demands and exploits her title as the former canditate of Varia and her retirement from the Mafia.

She later talks to Squalo privatly before his battle with Yamamoto and tries to convince him to not do battle with him, fearing for her students' lives. Squalo rejects her requests, and explains to her that its to do with pride of the sword and not with the title of Rain guardian. Flavia angerily states that Squalo never cared for anything but the sword and she hoped that he would lose the fight to Yamamoto and get what he deserved.

After Squalo gets attacked by the shark and is seemed to have died, Flavia cries in desperation realising blaming herself for Squalo's faith. She runs into the former battle field and tries to find shark so she could save him. Dino stops her from doing so, and brings her back to his hotel so she can mourn the loss of her ally and childhood friend.

During the battle between Xanxus and Tsuna, Flavia is brought to the fight by Dino while wheeling Squalo with her. It is later shown that Dino told her that he was alive after the surgery. After the tornument she is returns to Italy to finish her college work, but sends weekly reports to Tsuna about her college and wishing them all success in the future.

Future Arc:Edit

When Lal and Future Yamamoto bring Tsuna and Gokudera to the base, they discover Flavia in the kitchen and she greets them with a smile and a hug. They both notice that she is heavily pregnant, in which she states that she is also happily married for three years to a loving strong man. In which they both presume that she is happily married to Dino.

For the most part, she looks after the girls and keeps the occupied, with chores and teaching them new things such as recipes, sewing skills and yoga and minor self defense. When Gokudera gives up on learning with Bianchi, she offers to train him on using the box weapon in a steady pace, after he has learned to open it. Gokudera accepts the request gladily knowing that Flavia is infamous according to Reborn for teaching people how to uses their box weapons, and battle skills in the Future.

When the boycott takes place, Flavia sides with the girls, and tells Tsuna how she learned of the Mafia, and that she had wished that either Dino or Squalo had told her, instead of her finding out on her own. She then threatens him with her Bat'leh and warns him that she will tell them if he does not. While taking a bath with the girls, she tells them that sometimes the truth can be worse than a lie, and that they should accept what ever they are told.

Ryohei and Gokudera suspect that Flavia is cheating on Dino with Squalo and spy on her actions, and spy on her using her box weapon to deliver Squalo secret stuff. In which Gokudera traps her raccoon Meeko and reads the romantic messages, and then shows Dino. Dino tells Gokudera not to worry, due to the fact that Flavia is actually married to no other than Squalo.

Choice Arc:Edit

During the Choice Arc, Flavia stays at the main base with Giovani and Fuuta as Tsuna and the others don't want her or her baby to be harmed. She complies with this and remains at the base, praying for Squalo and the others safety and Tsuna's success

Future Final Battle Arc:Edit

As Zakuro invades the base, Squalo orders Tsuna to take Uni and Flavia and get out, Flavia tries to stay back to help Squalo, screaming that she won't be useless to him like she was last time to him when he was in battle. In which Squalo calls her stupid and yells at her to leave and promises that he will return to her safely.

As they escape, she hears Squalo words of warning, and tries to re-enter the building for Yamamoto to prevent her, and she tries as the building explodes fearing for Squalo's safety. She states she will avenge Squalo and will fight even if she is incapitated by her pregnancy.As they hide Kawahira's she is being comforted by Bianchi and the girls, and Yamamoto promises that he will find Squalo and bring him back to her. Lifting her hopes, in which Uni tells her that during the escape that she had failed to notice her water break.

During the battle between Byakuran and Tsuna, Bianchi, Kyoko and Haru take care of Flavia, trying to make her comfortable as her contractions get worse, she lets her box weapon to fight, and allows for Gokudera to use her weaponary.

After the battle, and before the Vongola X say their farewells, they see Flavia and Squalo's daughter, who they named as Lucressia. Flavia thanks them and reminds them of their studies and stating she will give them a test she she sees them next.

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Flavia takes only a smart part within the ceremony as the date of Squalo and talks to Gokudera and the others. After Tsuna and the Guardians are attacked by the Simon Family, she tries to comfort the guardians to no prevail .

Weapon and AbilitiesEdit

Bat'leh: Flavia's use of the bat'leh is to twist it to make a slicing hurrican effect, when spun fast enough will create a flame. She uses her weapon only in dire situtations, but the sword of honor makes her a prised swordsman, not as skilled as Squalo but well known for her weather effects in battling.

Tempesta Priocone: Storm Raccoon(Meeko) is her loyal box weapon, who she uses to transport messages, attack and sneak around. Meeko like Uri is fed real food, and has a happy relationship with Flavia. Must of the time she is only used for retreiving information and looting off enemies.

Tempesta Spin: This when Flavia spins her Bat'leh fast enough to create the flames, in the future she can do this with one hand, but mostly it requires both hands for perfect balance of the flame and for there not be be any recoil.

The Stare: Flavia is known for being able to stare people into doing things and scaring them by staring at them directly, this has only been used in her teaching skills.


  • Flavia means "one with yellow hair" even though her hair is a rustic reddish brown, unlike her parents.
  • In the time skip she is 30 instead of 31, due to her birthday being within the two months that Vongola has to fight Byakuran.
  • Flavia favourite food is Chicken Risotto, her favourite drink is Coca-Cola
  • Romario states that Dino had a deep crush on Flavia for many years.
  • She hates Xanxus and won't sit in the same room as him, as she claims he stole the title of Varia off Squalo.
  • Flavia has a talent in cooking and sewing, and remembering pointless facts about irrelevant things.
  • Her anniversery with Squalo is on New Years Day.
  • She refused Squalo to name their child as he wanted to call her "Dagger"