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"You asked me to be your leader. I'm gonna make my own rules for you to follow"-Rune.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Fantasme Famiglia is an established family and is an ally of the Vongola Family in the later years. Though both families have the same vow to protect those who are in need, the Fantasme were then accused of secretly taking over of the Vongola which ruined not only their alliance, but also their reputation in the underworld.

Rune's PhantomsEdit

Rune's part of the family which includes himself, his guardians, his subordinates, his allies, family, and friends.

  • Boss of Fantasme

Rune Saddle

Role: Volcano, Ocean, Life, Gust, Earthquake, and Iron, he gives all of them equality. Becomes the scales that keeps balance.

Ability: Scaling

  • Sea Ghost Guardian

Rain Klanad

Role: To become the tidal waves. Washing those who oppose the Family and ends conflicts between them.

Ability: Tranquility

Fantasme's SorrowEdit

Rune vowed to remember all of those he killed himself and put their spilled blood into a container that he hides into a secret place no one else knows.

Phantom RingsEdit

The Phantom Rings are the signature rings that Rune created himself and those that bear each ring gains their title as the Ghost Guardian of their boss which also bears a ring.