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Fanon Vongola Famiglia

Vongola Crest

Famiglia Name Vongola Famiglia
Kanji Title ボンゴレファミリー
Romaji Title Bongore Famirī
Literal Meaning Clam
Allied Families

Family BackgroundEdit

File:Vongola HQ.PNG
The Vongola Famiglia has long since been the most powerful Mafia Family in all of Italy. The Vongola Mafia began as a vigilante group to protect the people. Each generation of the Vongola family has donned formal attire when risking their lives to fullfill this duty. The Vongola had originally started as a model organization until they started doing unspeakable acts of violence and crime, presumably during the reign of the second Vongola Boss. They have had several other Mafia Families serving them, including a few members from the infamous Arcobaleno. They also possess the Vongola Rings, which have been around since the founding of the Mafia Underworld, and are usually in possession of the main Vongola Members. As of now, it is headed by Vongola Nono, Timoteo, but he will soon be succeeded by Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada.

Vongola MessengerEdit

File:Vongola Messager Bird.jpg

At the beginning to the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, Reborn receives a message from the Vongola Nono via the Messenger Bird that Tsuna would officially be announced as the next Vongola Boss.

Tsuna's FamilyEdit

File:Future Familia.jpg
File:10th Family.PNG
The part of the Vongola Family which holds the 10th Generation Boss and his 6 Guardians, his Subordinates, Allies, Family, and Friends.

Current Boss and The Six GuardiansEdit

File:Tsuna And The Guardians.PNG
Called so due to their responsibility and the Vongola Rings they wear, having won the right to be members of the Vongola Family in the contest against the Varia. It is said that whenever the family runs into trouble, the guardians will arrive to save them. The guardians are represented by 6 weather phenomena that appear in the Sky. They are, Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Lightning. And as said by Reborn and others, each Guardian has a role in the Family.
  • Vongola Sky Boss
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Role: Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist and Lightning, he influences, understands, and accepts all of them. Becomes the sky that captures and encompasses all.
Ability: Harmony
  • Guardian of Storm
Hayato Gokudera
Role: Defeat the enemy with a relentless stream of attacks that never falters. Always at the center of an attack, the furious storm that never rests.
Ability: Degeneration
  • Guardian of Rain
Takeshi Yamamoto
Role: To become a blessed shower. Requiem rain, that settles conflicts and washes everything away.
Ability: Tranquility
  • Guardian of Sun
Ryohei Sasagawa
Role: Destroying the misfortune that attacks the family with their own body, they become the sun that brightly shines upon an area.
Ability: Activation/Regeneration
  • Guardian of Cloud
Kyoya Hibari
Role: To be the aloof, drifting cloud that protects the Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind.
Ability: Propagation
  • Guardian of Lightning
Lambo (Former Bovino Famiglia Member)
Role: Draws the damage to themself and away from the rest of the family, serving as a lightning rod.
Ability: Solidification
  • Guardian of Mist
Chrome Dokuro/Mukuro Rokudo (Mukuro Rokudo - Former Estraneo Famiglia Member)
Role: Creating something from nothing, and nothing from something, thus bewildering the enemy. Rendering the family's true form intangible with vision of deceit.
Ability: Construction


Not in the Family but associated with the Vongola either through acquaintance with Tsuna, Reborn, or a friend of the Vongola's in general.

Tsuna's SubordinatesEdit

Vongola SinEdit


The Vongola's Sin is a secret that is passed down from boss to boss. It stays in a special handcrafted box and is shown during the Inheritance Ceremony. It appears to be a dark liquid in a vial.

Vongola RingsEdit

The Vongola Rings are priceless, powerful Vongola treasures, and part of the Tri-ni-sette. The types of Flames emitted by Rings are named after these Rings. Sky for Orange, Storm for Red, Rain for Blue, Cloud for Purple, Lightning for Green, Sun for Yellow, and Mist for Indigo.

Vongola Rings are used to signify the leader of every generation of the Vongola and the six people most suited to be his or her Guardians. The Boss is always a natural born Sky type. It is even said that the ways that these Guardians are chosen sometimes relate to their relationships with one another, such as the Cloud sometimes being a catalyst for the Storm, and Storm being the catalyst for Thunder (an example is that Gokudera treats Lambo as an annoying little brother).

In the final battle between Tsuna and Byakuran, Vongola Primo was summoned using the Miracle of Shield Dimension. Primo explained that due to the Vongola Rings being split between the boss and the external advisor, the Ring's total Flame output is restrained unlike the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers of the same Tri Ni Sette. When it's Original Form (without the division) is restored, its user is granted incredible power.

Family MembersEdit

Sky Vongola MembersEdit

Storm Vongola MembersEdit

Rain Vongola MembersEdit

Sun Vongola MembersEdit

Cloud Vongola MembersEdit

Lightning Vongola MembersEdit

Mist Vongola MembersEdit


File:Vongola Family Tree.jpg
  • The Family's successive generations after moving to Japan are all named after Japanese Shoguns.
  • Giotto's descendants and his own Japanese name is named after Tokugawa Shoguns, like Ieyatsu Sawada (Tokugawa Ieyasu), Yoshimune Sawada (Tokugawa Yoshimune), Yoshinobu Sawada (Tokugawa Yoshinobu), Ietsuna Sawada (Tokugawa Ietsuna), Iemitsu Sawada (Tokugawa Iemitsu), Tsunayoshi Sawada (Tokugawa Tsunayoshi).
  • Timoteo's Guardians are all named after desserts.
  • Xanxus states that Giotto moved out to Japan because he was afraid of Vongola Secondo's Flame Of Wrath. However it was actualy the first guardian of the Mist Ring, Demon Spade, that made Primo move to Japan.
  • Similarities between the Giotto's Family and Tsuna's Family:
    • Giotto and Tsuna look alike and have the same Weapon (though Tsuna's Weapon has a 'X' on it instead of an 'I').
    • Knuckle and Ryohei used their fists to fight. Ryohei in the Future noted that he can't kill, which is also a referrence to their similarities, as the First Sun Guardian accidentally killed someone and stopped being active due to being afraid of taking life again.
    • Lampo and Lambo looked alike and both are cowardly, both has been put into battle though Tsuna doesn't want Lambo to participate but needs to do so because he's a Vongola Guardian.
    • G. and Gokudera looked alike and was also their Boss' right-hand man. They both are skilled in mid-range combat (the first Storm Guardian used a Bow and Arrow while the Gokudera used Bombs, both of which mid-range combat Weapons). Gokudera's Vongola Box is based after the First Storm Guardian's Bow and Arrow.
    • Asari Ugetsu and Yamamoto both look alike, both use four Swords, both have deep devotions to their friends (Giotto and Tsuna), and both were faced with the decision to give up something they loved or follow the path of the Blade (they both chose the Blade: the First Rain Guardian gave up music to help Giotto when he was in trouble, and Yamamoto gave up baseball to help Tsuna).
    • Demon Spade and Chrome are somewhat alike but Reborn says she is not like him cause he was a backstabber, but if the Ring was originally intended for Mukuro then the profile fits because the Vongola Guardian looks more like Mukuro than Chrome.
    • Alaude and Hibari, as Dino states that Hibari reminds him of the First Vongola Cloud Guardian as he never stood alongside the Family, and never got along with anyone, that he loved being alone. The First Cloud Guardian as well as Hibari both worked in law enforcement (the First Cloud Guardian worked with a secret intelligence agency while Hibari was the head of his school prefects). Also, they looked alike, but have different hair and eye colors.

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