In the Reborn! Fandom, several characters' names have either a number (i.e. Tsuna is 27), a letter (i.e. Lambo is L), or an abbreviation (i.e. Genkishi is Gen). Not all characters as of yet have an assigned Fandom Shorthand, and several may overlap, which usually results in finding new ways to manipulate pronunciations, sometimes even using other languages' numbers (i.e. Yuni is Latin for 1, so her number is 01). The shorthands are mostly used for naming different pairings (i.e. Colonnello and Lal Mirch is 5666 while Bianchi and Reborn is 88R). So. Suppose all of our character has numbers too? Put them in alphabetical order please.


  • Amaterasu : 13
  • Jess Kazuya : 12
  • Kashia Mashima : 55
  • Leno Xevar : 67
  • Mina : 21
  • Sam Okazaki : 32
  • Soma : 34