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Miseris Succurrere Disco(I learn to succour the unfortunate)

Family BackgroundEdit

The Diamante Famiglia are a lesser known but very important mafia family. They have been allies with the Vongola since they both began. The Diamante are also a very old famiglia. The Diamante Primo was the first to research the dying will flames, and later worked with the Vongola Primo to create the dying will bullets. These bullets later progressed into pills, for more conveniance. The Diamante also worked with the Vongola to create the Vongola rings and Diamante rings. When the Diamante, Vongola, and Shimon first started, they were all close allies and all three of their First Bosses were close friends. As well as the Shimon Primo's "Sin" and the Vongola Primo's "Penalty", the Diamante Primo had "Infliction" from "the incident". As the Shimon became weak from being abandoned by the Vongola, the Diamante became such a weak family by protecting the Vongola from accusations of "the incident", which led to the Diamante being accused and punished. Through all of this, the Diamante have grown stronger from their loyalty to the Vongola, while the Shimon grew stronger on their hatred to the Vongola.

Family MembersEdit

Current Boss and Guardians:

Sky/Boss=Diamante Quinto, Luca Esposito

Storm=Dante Ferari

Rain=Giulio Marino

Sun=Marcello Gallo

Lightning=Vincentio Contiello

Cloud=Nico Moretti

Mist=Piero Giordano

Allied Families:Edit

Other than the Vongola, it is unknown.