Daisuke MinariEdit

He is the 20th generation Vongola boss.


Daisuke has messy, light brown hair and red eyes. He wears the standard male uniform for Komachai High's ordinary division- a white dress shirt, a red tie, and an unbuttoned black blazer. Instead of wears the school's slacks, he wears black skinny jeans and red lace up boots,


Daisuke is normally laid back and carefree, often doing what he wants. He is quite perverse, especially towards Hiyori , much to the latter's dismay. He hates doing things that aren't fun, and does not do work. He often skips class. 

Despite his carefree demeanor, he does care deeply for his companions, and will go to great lengths to protect them. He, like Hiyori, loves animals.

Plot OverviewEdit

As Daisuke starts his life as a first year at Komachai's High School Division, he receives a letter from a mysterious person saying that he is "the chosen one". He shrugs it off, believing it to be a prank of his roomate and best friends, Haruka.

When he gets into class late, the teacher Ms. Nervetti becomes angry and talks to him outside. She then proceeds to tell him that he is going to become the 20th generation Vongola Boss, in which he replies "no thank you", and leaves, much to her annoyance.



Hiyori MikazeEdit

He is often making passes at Hiyori, much to her embarrassment, and often embarrasses her further by telling everyone at school they are a couple and they have done things. He cares deeply for her, and often comforts her when she cries.

Haruka KinimaruEdit

The two are very good friends, having met a year prior to the story. They share a dorm room, and often stay up late togther. 

Celestia NervettiEdit

The two often quarrel, usually over Hiyori, but maintain a good relationship. She was sent to teach Daisuke the ways of the mafia, much to his annoyance. She often threatens him to do work, and makes him train hard. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: In HDWM, Daisuke keeps all the aspects that all of the other Vongola bosses have, though he still seems to be perverted, even in this mode.


  • Invisible but Visible: Daisuke seems to be able to make himself invisible to anyone he wants, but can still be visible to others. He often uses this technique to spy on Hiyori, though she seems to be able to detect his presence,
  • Vongola Harmony: Daisuke can borrow the flames of his guardians, and combines them for the ultimate attack, Vongola Harmony.


  • Daisuke's birthday is October 14, the same date as Sawada Tsunayoshi's,
  • Daisuke is twice the size of Hiyori.
  • Daisuke is always smiling, no matter what the situation. The only time he is seen frowning or angry, is when his companions are in danger.
  • He has been elctrocuted by Hiyori so many times, that he is used to the feeling and ends up finding it relaxing,
  • Despite not attending any classes, he can still score a perfect 100 on his tests and quizzes.