Ecila and Celia
Title Blood Princess (Both called by Xanxus)

Miss. White (Eclia)

Mr. Black (Celia)

Gender Female (Ecila)

Male (Celia)

Age 15 (Present)
Status Alive
Date of Birth February 1st
Famiglia Not Revealed
Loyalty Each Other
Partner Each Other
Team Not Revealed
Weapon Cane Sword
Box Animal Unknown
Height 5'4"
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother

Celia and Eclia are two  persons inhabiting the same body. Eclia created a second personalitu who is known as Celia and is a male personality. They are the son and daughter of the Queen and King on England. The Varia killed her family (But they doesn't know it). After she discovered her flame the Varia wanted 'Celia' to join them. 


Bearing a striking physical resemblance to their mother Ada, Celia and Eclia are an effeminate-looking teenager with shoulder-length, snow white hair and pale skin tone. They are 15 years old when first introduced. Their usual attire consists of an eyepatch, black pants, and black jacket. They used to carry straps with hooks that can be wound around Their legs and used to bind enemies. When first introduced, their attire was an red straight-jacket with stripes along the sleeves and front, an eyepatch, black pants, with their usual straps with hooks. Additionally, each personality has its own distinct physical appearance and traits:

  • As Celia, he has lavender eyes (unkind) with slitted pupils and fanged teeth. His left eye is covered.
  • As Eclia, she has lavender eyes with normal pupils. Her right eye is covered. She has a gentle gaze.



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The youngest and dominant persona, Celia was created by Eclia to cope with the mental stress created by his pacifist nature and responsibilities the only alive member of the Spencer family and hire to the thrown which Celia and Eclia have to keep that a secret. As such, his strength is derived from his desire to protect Eclia. he is an aloof and foul-mouthed character (his most-often used phrase is "Fuck!" or "Dumbass." He is not to fond of romance.




Akito is Agito's polar opposite in almost every aspect. Timid and gentle, he was trained by her step father, and is referred to as his "pet". It is hinted by Celia that Eclia is more frightening than Celia when angered. Feminine both in behavior and appearance. Eclia is kind and trustworthy. Due to her short temper, she is energetically aggressive with people in general most of the time. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Guns: Eclia carries two pistols and a rifle with her nearly all the time, expecially when going on conferences, she is highly skilled with these, and can imbue storm flames in them.

Sky Unicorn (Equus): Eclia's Box Weapon, a muscular white unicorn with a mane of sky flame with orange eyes and more sky flames on its ankles and tail.

Sky Snow Tiger (Leon): Celia's Box Weapon, a baby snow tiger with sky flames on the tail ad paws. 


Coming Soon...


  • Eclia enjoys water. She'll spend all her time in swimming pools, lakes, and beaches.
  • Celia hates water. 
  • Celia is both girl and boy name.
  • Celia and Eclia are anagrams.
  • Their name is basted off of Agito/Akito/Lind W from Air Gear.