The Scattered Future Arc is based off an Alternate Universe brought by ChoTanKya. It totally narrates a very different story. It is Canon Divergent and tells a different perspective from the Future Arc. The author claimed that it would be in the actual universe when it happened, speak that it wouldn't be a parallel universe made up by Byakuran. That being said, the original plot of the Future Arc was used and altered.


It's said that Byakuran succeeded in getting the Tri-ni-Set together. Tsuna and his families have gonne missing and scattered around the globe, implying that they were still alive. It also seemed that Reborn and Yuni have survived too, but it's not confirmed since it's been told that every Arcobaleno would die whenever their Pacifers has gotten taken away.

Two months has passed since the incident and Byakuran is preparing everything for the "New World" he has been earing for. However, during these two months, another alliance/organisation has been founded, called the Sciarpa Nera ("Black Scarf"), a constellation of different Mafia Members working together to finish off Byakuran immediately. Their first mission however, is to regather the Vongola Guardians.

Tsuna has been declared dead by Byakuran who made up a Video Conference that was sent to everyone around the world. The Sciarpa Nera doesn't believe it however and don't give up their actual subject.

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