Camilla di (Caro) Vongola
Camilla di Caro
Camilla di Caro
Kanji カミラ カロ
Romanji Kamira Karo
Personal Status
Gender Female
Birthdate March 1st
Age 23 (During Primo's reign)

31 (During Secondo's reign)

40 (During Terzo's reign)

Height 172cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 68kg (150lbs)
Blood Type AB
Hometown Sicily
Home Country Italy
Affiliation CEDEF
Previous Affiliation Caro Famiglia
Partner Volante Vongola
Dying Will Flame & Abilities
Type Of flame Sun & Rain

Character Outline Edit

Camilla (カミラ, Kamira) is Volante's childhood friend and love interest at the moment. They both share a special bond for each other and eventually had a child together. She would be by Volante's side for the longest of times, sometimes leaning onto his shoulder when she grew tired which was what she tends to do when she's tired. It bothered him sometimes but he didn't mind it most of the time.

Appearance Edit

Camilla would appear as a long haired brunet who wore school clothing most of the time. It was weird as to why she kept wearing it but they didn't bother asking her. She would carry two swords named 'Flameberg' and 'Vopal' which had a sun flame attribute and the rain flame attribute. When she trained with Volante, he'd ask her to tie her hair up so he won't lose herself when she attacked. Camilla knew this very well and knew that he (Volante) cared for him. She also had a masculine side which was a bit uncommon around Italy.

Personality Edit

She was the kindest person ever when it came to a kindness fight. Though there are some downsides to this because most men think she's weak and helpless since she's kind but to be honest, she's like a demon when it comes to fighting. She's completely in the zone and doesn't get out of it until every single person is dead. It scared Volante sometimes because she's have a kind face on but she could kill him right then and there. Most of the time when hanging out with her friends, she tries her best to get them to do something rather than sit around and not do anything. Anyways, she's mostly calm and kind.

History Edit

Camilla belonged to a noble family and would sneak out sometimes to hang out with Volante. Her parents were strict when it came to the outside world because they were over-protective and didn't want their daughter to get hurt. If anything bad were to happen to her, they'd either be fired or worse. When they found out about Volante, they forbid her from meeting him which made he go into a depressed state for a while. He'd sometimes climb the wall of her house and make his way through her window which made her happy once again. It's been happening for a while and they haven't found out about it until Giotto founded Vongola, her family was getting robbed. Volante went to go visit but instantly noticed that something was wrong and he had to do something which got him injured. She had fended herself from the attackers and managed to find Volante, hurt but he did defend her family from the robbers. That created the greatest bonds between Vongola and Caro. All because of Volante.

Relationships Edit


Her relationship with G. is mutual. She doesn't talk to him very much but when they're alone together, she has no choice but to talk to him. G. thinks of her as adorable and too cute. They can be titled as good friends which is a good description. Though, when Volante is around, she feels calm around G. instead of uneasy. She tends to be uneasy around people when she's alone with them except for Volante and Giotto


Ugetsu Asari


Daemon Spade


Family Edit


Giotto and Camilla get along well since they both hung out when they were younger which made the future easier for them. They've stayed friends for a long time and then sibling-in-laws. Camilla enjoyed the company of Giotto which and vise versa. Just like Volante, she loves to tease him and pays with his hair most of the time, sometimes make fun of him just like Volante.


To Camilla, Volante is both a lover and a great friend. Just like Volante, she encourages Giotto's ideas and sees them as righteous though she's not like Volante most of the time. She doesn't obsess over Vongola as much as Daemon and Volante since she was raised not to be like that. Volante and Camilla have a child named Ambra who is a daddy's girl and would always be spoiled by him (Volante). She often tell him not to do that but he does anyways which makes Ambra love him more than her (Volante)


Ambra is the daughter of Volante and Camilla. They both love her dearly and would protect her from danger. Their daughter is spoiled mostly by Volante and loves him more than Camilla which she didn't mind at all but it could be annoying since she'd sometimes want her father to feed her but Camilla still loves Ambra as much as Volante.

Weapons of Choice / Abilities Edit

Valzer Del Sole Edit

Valzer del Sole (太陽のワルツ Taiyō no Warutsu) is used when fighting. She can clear as many enemies she wants as long as she doesn't loose focus which could mess up her streak. She can waltz her way through her enemies but it's almost instantly

Valzer Della PioggiaEdit

Valzer della Pioggia (雨のワルツ Ame no Warutsu) is just like Valzer del Sole but it's form is much different when it comes to the actual waltz itself. She can create markings with her rain flame and would waltz her way through her opponents just like Valzer del Sole but it's much weaker but more agile.