Cali Abadeer
Title Major Cali Abadeer of the Italian Army
  • Cloud Guardian Varia
Gender Female
Age 26 (Present)

33 (Deceased)

Weapon Rifle
Box Animal Ace


Caylin ‘Cali’ Abadeer is the daughter of a famous politician and was born into a highly political and military family that despised the Mafia world. When Cali was in her teens she became friends with Xanxus’ brother Massimo and soon became the centre of Xanxus’ attention which led them to have a “close” relationship. After her father found out that she was dating someone from the Vongola although she did not know they were a Mafia family, he forced her into a military boarding school. During this time the Cradle Affair took place, where she was informed of Xanxus’ true nature, thinking of everyone she knew as a liar she entered into Italian Army and started to climb the ranks. Cali became a very powerful woman, who did not rely on the merits of her father or anyone else for her career.

A few years after the Cradle incident Cali was asked by Ottavio to enter into a dealership to sneak and sell guns between Mafia and the Army, she refused this offer even with the bribe of seeing Xanxus. She would later learn that her higher ups had entered the deal even after her rejection and proclaims of knowing what damage it would do. After discovering that Ottavio was killed by no other than Xanxus, she went on a hunt to find him and ask him some questions about why he had not informed her of the mafia during the time they were together.

She found Xanxus after the Ring Battles, and confronted him about the past. During the confrontation she reveals that her father’s true intentions of sending her to the military school were to hide her away from Xanxus and for his own protection. He did not wish for his career to be damaged by his daughter’s dating life. It’s shortly after the confrontation did they try to restore their relationship back to how it was prior to her being sent away.

In the Future Arc, Cali dies of cervical cancer at the age of 33 which devastates Xanxus, and leaves him to mind their only child Abri a young girl. Cali was in possession of the Cloud Ring and her box weapon.

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