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Title Commander
Gender Male
Age N/A
Status Active
Date of Birth N/A
Famiglia N/A
Loyalty Vindice

Night Walkers

Partner End
Team NightWalkers
Weapon Chain

Dark Ring

Box Animal Samurai
Flame Night


Blood Type A
Height 5.7 ft
Weight 212 pounds
Family Deceased

Blaze is a memeber of the Night Walkers This people are a group of Ex Vindice Prisoners that had been reformed by them and use the Flame of night. His goal is to act as secondary Vindice along with the rest of team and help them get their revenge on Checker Face.

Appearance Edit

Blaze has short black hair and wears an all black school uniform. He silver eyepatch with a star pattern on it covering his right eye and a pair of dark black gloves on his hands.


Blaze is cold and calculating person. When it comes to battle he tries to find the best way to quickly finish of his targets, not caring upon their age or their physical state. He is however merciful enough to make sure every victim dies a quick death finding tormenting someone as they die to be very distasteful and can also lead to mistakes being made. This causes him to clash with Gas Chamber many times sense the male prefer so make his victims suffer to death. Blaze main goal is set upon his mission, he will try almost any way possible he can think have in order insure that Bermuda’s wish are carried out even it this means giving up his own life.


Once a former prisoner of Vindice because he was mutated to become a unstoppable killer by his Famiglia. They kept Blaze trapped for many years but seeing the hate inside him and the rest of his comrades Bermuda offered them the powers of the Flame of Night and a chance to help them in the Vindice's quest of vengeance. He and his friends all agreed then became a secondary Vindice of sorts called the Night Walkers who dress and pretend to be Vindice unless they are pushed to unleash their true forms.

Equipment Edit

Parasol: He uses a Parasol with a blade hidden within it as his main weapon. Once infused with his box weapon and the night flames the weapon grows insize to the point it is about 20 feet in length from handle to the tip of th blade. Despite it's massive size he able to wield it like a normal sword. The fighting style he normal takes with it is that of a spear, using it to mainly impale his targets even thou he able to slice them with the blade just as effectivly.

Hell's Cage ( L'inferno della gabbia) These are box weapons made by the Vindice for the Night Walkers to use. Unlike normal box weapons which normally have animals within them, these can be supernatural creatures of different kinds. Blaze own Hell Cage is the ghost of a samurai warrior. He able to infuse it with the his Parasol in order to transform it into a giant blade to kill his opponents with.

Vindice Chains - Like Vindice, Blaze uses chains in combat thou this mainly for when he is dressed as one.

Abilites and Skills Edit

Warp Hole - Blaze is able to go to different locations in short time by using his Flame of Night to create portals and teleport through them.

Weapon mastery: Duo to his training throughout different points of his life Blaze has gained a completely master in his combat style. In the past he was shown able to fight against many elite warriors and kill about 85% of them in combat. One of which was even a master of Shigure Soen Ryu.

Strength: Blaze being mutated long ago by his previous family gained a great deal of physical powers. This is noted by many because of the way he able to swing and attack with his Parasol when it takes on its massive form.