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The Bambino Curse or Bambino is group made up of seven strongest pre-teens, who each possess a bracelet that represents their given Dying Will Flame color. The center part of their bracelet will glow when a member is near another Bambino. The Bambino were transformed from their adult forms back into preadolescence form unlike the Arcobaleno who are, instead, turned back into infant form. They were originally going to be used to counter the original Arcobaleno before Kaleb changed league and turned himself and the others into Bambino. Like the Arcobaleno, they "walk out of time", never to age or even die of age.

The Current BambinoEdit

Holder of the Nightlight - KalebEdit

Holder of the Limelight - EriEdit

Holder of the Daylight - DenzelEdit

Holder of the Soul Dew - AzulaEdit

Holder of the Judgement Bolt - MarioEdit

Holder of the Indie Proof - LuigiEdit

Holder of the Plainfire - Ken Gil Edit