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This arc occurs after the Future Arc. In this arc, Tsuna and his family, assisted by Bianchi and Basil, and later Naito and Dino retrieves their kidnapped guardians and their stolen Vongola Rings. Previously, a new family called the Augestic Family comes to Namimori and the family assaults the school. Lambo and I-Pin were there, their rings were stolen and them kidnapped and Yamamoto and Hibari. All of the Vongola rings were stolen that day, and the Family used them as a model for their own rings, called the Beta Rings. Unknowingly, the prisoners were able to escape, but they were stuck in the base. The group went to the upper Japan, and Tsuna decided to split the group up, one for the rings, which had: Basil, Gokudera and Chrome and the other with the prisoners: Tsuna, Bianchi and Ryohei.

Before ArcEdit

  • Basil comes back from Italy.
  • Lambo learns some sweet moves.
  • Bianchi recieves her box weapons from her future and is given a note to only use it if she was in danger. Basil too but...
  • Reborn leaves on a mission to once again find the 9th. And the plot thickens for the next arc.


The battles in order:

Part 1Edit

Bianchi vs. Mist ViceEdit

The first battle begins with Bianchi. Bianchi insists that the others don't support her. Tsuna goes go, invading, and Ryohei stays behind. Things gets a little hard: Bianchi's posionous food doesn't work. In the last resort, she surprising uses a box weapon Reborn gave her. It was a large scorpion. With that, the Mist Vice was defeated. Bianchi decides to rest. Ryohei plants to go to the next room.

Lambo, Yamamoto, Hibari, I-Pin vs. Sky Vice RaganokEdit

The prisoners captured, escapes from prison, but is confronted by a room that nulls gravity. Raganok comes and attacks them. Yamamoto uses some of the Shigure Seon, while Hibari attacks with his tonfas. Unfortunately the Storm guardian taunts Hibari, and he escapes. Also, Lambo and I-Pin escaped through a air vent. Yamamoto finishes it off with a daunting new style for the Shigure Seon. He follows Hibari, but gets lost.

Basil (Chrome) vs. Lignting ViceEdit

Basil, Gokudera and Chrome has gotten upstairs where they are greeted by the Lighnting Vice. The Vice tells the three that the Vongola Rings are upstairs and that he was going to stop them. Basil stops him, and he automatically calls the Lightning Guardian to help. Basil proves weak for the Vice, until he unleashes his "box weapon". He activates the Dolphin and slows the Vice's movement, but the Vice hits Basil with a lightning bolt, only to be protected by Chrome. Chrome summons the Mist Owl and newly unleaches all of the six eyes, but the last one. She dominates the Vice but she faints. Basil and Gokudera continues on to get the Vongola Ring, specficly getting the Mist one to heal Chrome.

Yamamoto vs. Cloud Vice and the Cloud TrialEdit

Apparently lost, Yamamoto had no way to find his location. When the Sky Guardian of Augestic alarmed the Cloud Guardian, he kidnapped Yamamoto to test him in the Cloud Trial of 10,000 men. Of course, they were all swordsman. Yamamoto uses alot of moves for this one. This mainly took a day to do. Once Yamamoto was done...

Gokudera vs. Lightning GuardianEdit

Basil and Gokudera and they easily find the rings. The Beta Rings were already distributive but they were still to weak. Gokudera gives Basil the Vongola Mist rings and tells him to give it to Chrome. Basil runs to the previous room to fetch Chrome. Just about Gokudera was going downstairs, where Ryohei would be, he encounters the Lightning Guardian: Lance
Title: Lightning Guardian
Appearance: Based on Daryan Crescent from the game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The most striking figure about him is his Rings on his hair, fully supported.
Box Weapon: Kraken

Lance meets Gokudera and introduces himself. Gokudera unleaches Sistema CAI and his Skull Arrow. Gokudera trades so few hits but Lance dodges them all. Soon, Lance stikes his first move with his shortswords. The shields of CAI proves effective. Then Gokudera recklessly hits Lance with his strongest move, Flame Thunder. Since the flame type is Lightning, its proven ineffective, and Lance counter-hits with a slash-like move that damages the Skull Arrow fatally. Gokudera then summons Uri, where Gokudera shoots Uni with a Sun blast transforming her. She then makes Lance panic, and he reveals his Beta Ring, which shatter his Sistema CAI rings. By then, Lance summons his Augestic Box Kraken. He then desprately uses dynamite, one of the old styles, and only then does he notice that he is "Smokin Bomb" Hayato. The Dynamite all gets sliced by the sword-embedded lightning flames before they actual hit though. Finally, Gokudera releases one of his Lightning boxes from his belt, and plans to open the box with the Beta Ring clashing into him. And it works and he uses Skull Arrow one more time, with the lightning grenades popping out. Gokudera improvises and uses the Vongola Rings to unleash the deadly Sistema CAI Vongola, with the Storm, Sun, Lightning, Cloud and Rain Vongola Rings. He eliminates Velocitize quickly and then he uses a plain old shot from the Skull Arrow, depleting Lance's flames and kills the Kraken inside him. Note that the plain old shot the depleted flames tributes to the first move he did with the Skull Arrow.